Saturday, February 26, 2011

Almost March

Somehow I managed to set the bar too high. The items I queued all have some design flaw or too many errata. I've started to swatch several projects and I guess I'll just have to claw back the idea that I would do "12 in 2011" and just try to knit what I can for myself this year. That was the intention of the group anyway, not to churn our small and easy projects to say you knit 12 projects. Last year, I made 18 I think and that was just from going from project to project.

The other thing is knitting time. I'm pretty much exhausted from work these days so I don't take as much time to knit as I used to. Gone are the days of knitting each night. I'm lucky if I manage to knit twice a week at knit nights, and then, my brain is so fried that I don't think I end up knitting much. Mostly, I've been just trying to knit swatches since my first "easy" project ended up with such a horrible row gauge. Usually this isn't a problem if the pattern knits to a certain length, but watershed did not, so now I have to do the math.

Also, it's been terribly cold here the last week or so, dropped down to 26F yesterday. 26! It's almost March- really, tuesday evening was hovering around 0 (32F) and I could see my breath, yet I forgot to salt my walk. Wednesday morning, there was about 4 or 5" of snow on my car. I've shovelled, and now, Saturday (actually, even yesterday) most of the major roads are clear, just my little side road and cul de sac, we didn't shovel, so there's a bit of ice on top - yay, my car gets to go skating!

Seems like the westcoast as a whole is getting a beating. so, it's not just us. sigh. global warming.

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