Sunday, June 21, 2015


I started a new project - it's called Mary Mary, it's a lightweight cardigan which I hope to use over dresses in summer. The yarn is Handmaiden Casbah in a light purpley-blue periwinkle color.
It's the first thing I started in a really long time.. I hope the knitting sticks this time.

Weather is warm and I'm really enjoying wearing dresses this year. Almost the whole June, I've just been delving into my closet and wearing dress after dress. I've even given up jeans on Casual Wednesdays. There's something freeing about wearing them, and I feel happier when I do wear them.

I also buckled and got a new pillow. I can't really remember what I was using before..One of the good ones had gone flat after what I remembered was 3 months. Bed Bath & Beyond allows you test out pillows (and once in awhile they have a 20% off coupon), and if it doesn't work out for you, you can return it, and try a different one. They seem pricey, but when it's a good night's sleep that you're trying to get, it seems worthwhile.

I tried a Stearns & Foster one, and then, an interesting goose down one, and now, I'm back to the Isotonic Indulgence, which I hope to keep loftier longer by sleeping on different parts of it, instead of the centre only. They'll also roll over the coupon if you used it from one to the next.  The upside of the whole trial process is that I also bought a hypo-allergenic type cover for the pillow and that has worked like a dream over the last 6 weeks.

BB and B also has a huge gadget section so I splurged on a tea scoop strainer thingy. You rotate the base of the handle, and the 1/2 ball rotates open or closed. It's pretty handy so far. Used it for a couple of teas at work.

Other new loves this summer:
(a) SB Frappuccinos - Red Velvet Frappucino specifically, and I found a really good Black Forest Cake at Thrifty's that reminds me of the ones my mom used to buy when I was a kid. I also splurged on a Rootbeer Float at QV Cafe last Friday - it's a great way to cool off. None of these things are good for me, but they sure taste good.  The Frappucinos are essentially sugar syrup with flavour/colour, crushed ice, and whipping cream (which is whole milk and more sugar syrup). No wonder the whip adds 70 calories on a tall size (yikes!) and the frap. drinks are all around 350-450 calories for the tall. Not that I'm counting, because who needs that when you want a bit of sweetness in your life.
(b) going for quick walks - in the sun..what could be better...


Tuesday, June 02, 2015

It's June

Well, hard to believe sometimes that I'm in a funk.
April was about travel and knitting; May was about neighbour issues; and now, it's June.

I finished off the Making Waves Cardi, and I've been experimenting a bit with yarns..but I'm in a funk again. Both for knitting and weaving. Even squishing yarn doesn't thrill as it used to. I am inspired to get out in the i'm not totally gone, and the weather has been so nice lately. It's a nice change.

Not much interests me these days for creative pursuits, and I feel a bit like a gerbil on a wheel. This week, I'm down with a cold, a big fat pressure behind the eyes head cold. It started out as an innocent little bit of pressure in my right ear, and then, the sore throat thing. By the weekend, I was light-headed, super runny nose alternating with head congestion. Finally, I bought some antihistamines, and I've cleared right up.

April, I went to Pasadena, CA for Vogue Knitting, and discovered Atenti Bags. Fabulous and beautiful, made in the USA. I made it out without buying yarn (horrors!) but it was a very small show - about 75 vendors, and I didn't take any classes. I did partake in a few days of sunshine, and went to Trader Joe's (a lot!) - I stocked up on a few bags of goodies..none of them good for me, of course!
I also did some general sightseeing in the area.

will try to remember to come back and post some pics

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