Saturday, July 15, 2006

Project Update

A quick summary of recent projects:


Leigh Radford's book "One Skein" came out and I started knitting right away.

The footies were first done in Lorna's Laces Worsted Weight Yarn according to the pattern except that I knit a couple of rounds first before starting the cable, so mine are a bit ruffled at the top. The kitchener at the end of the pattern is horrible because the pattern says to leave 8 stitches total on the needles. I think this should be 8 on each needle, otherwise you end up with pointy toes. Since I was making this for me, it was ok because my big toe fits into the pointy part of the pointy toe.

Later, I made a second pair for my friend and knitting mentor Juanita in this Blue Moon Fiber Arts Worsted Weight yarn in blue/tan colorway with an adjusted pattern and more stitches on the needle for the kitchener - much better, and a way better fit. With the smaller needle, the material is denser, so it doesn't squidge out when I walk on my floor, like the first pair. I'm thinking of ripping those out now and doing them over.
Yes, I really did make a pair, and I spoiled the surprise by having to ask her how long her foot was, but she is happy and will have them for her birthday in the fall.

I made this quick baby bolero from One Skein. Really quick, only a couple of evenings..and that was because it took me awhile to position the arms for the seaming. This is a fantastic yarn - from the pattern - Blue Sky Alpacas Organic cotton. I just didn't want to stop knitting with this yarn. It was so soft and wonderful. I did knit the bolero with the "flower" lace pattern. It's a common pattern (as I've found looking at lace pattern books), but I think her instructions are a bit different than most. This is intended to go to a friend in Germany (actually a colleague who I work with) as she is leaving the office in August.

Due to laws there, she can take maternity leave and be out of the office for 3 YEARS! and then, she can return to at least the same level of job that she had before she left. This is because in that culture, it is frowned upon for a woman to work after she has a baby. She should be at home taking care of the child during the formative years. I love that policy! Of course, workers also receive 6 weeks of vacation per year AND they don't have to earn it! so, they could just take the first 6 weeks off of the year if they wanted.
sigh..I love these american rules.

summer's here

So, summer's here, and sadly, I have not posted since March! bad bad blogger.
I have been knitting, however, my pc crashed a couple of weeks ago, so I have to re-take my pictures all over again.

Last week, the Knitting Bee shop had a Customer Trunk Show. So, the night before I madly knitted a pair of the "Fetching" pattern from the new summer edition of Knitty, in a pink-orange color of the wonderfully soft Cashmerino Aran - just one ball. It was fantastic, and I made a wonderful pair. Hope to add the pic soon.

Also, I have started on the Lotus Blossom Tank from the Summer Interweave in Madil Eden Bamboo in the light blue (dutch boy, I think it's called) color. This bamboo is luxuriously soft and wonderful to the skin. I'm excited to knit with it and other than the lace project being one of my first, I hope to have it done quickly so I can wear it.

black friday

I've updated the sale page with some key sales for Black Friday. I'm not doing a lot of yarn buying these days, so these are the on...