Sunday, October 23, 2011

These's true-

I'm becoming a little fixated on..yarn.

...ok, ok- fixated on a lot of yarn..soft, soft yarn.

It all started with a little Codex. It's a BFL-silk blend from Sanguin Gryphon. Soft and big. I made a shiny soft cape-like shawl. Then..a little MCN..that's right Merino Cashmere Nylon. It'll be the death of me.

Can't eat it; can't pay bills with it, but can wear it if I knit really fast, and I'm not knitting quite fast enough these days.

Mostly ravelry sucks my time..

-and I spend a lot of time thinking about yarn and patterns and planning and plotting what I'd like to make. I've rearranged the top of my queue 4 or 5 times this week alone. Dahlia Cardi is still at the top now that Melissa is ready for our KAL. That one I'm planning to make with a nice soft MCN sport-weight..just haven't swatched yet. The skeins are so pretty and squooshy as skeins.

The Beehive, my lys, just brought in Madtosh Merino light - ooh - Cousteau, Flashdance and Thunderstorm. Now, I'm planning a Clockwork shawl with the latter 2, and a cardi with the Cousteau, since I didn't realize it was a single ply superwash merino. ok, now, i'm talking yarn again. Do you see a pattern here ?

Really, I did try to destash a little..I finally decided to part with some yarns that I had taken some time to acquire, over time. Yarns I'd stalked and found and thought about knitting a few whiles ago. A few yarns where I fell in love..hard..but ended up realizing that the color while pretty was just not me.

Finally blocked the Gingko shawl I finished. As others have said, yes, it's all about blocking the leaves in place. Another project that just wanted to be - the yarn is Hazelknits Entice MCN, yep, another MCN.

At least I knit this one, instead of just admiring and plotting.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

More Yarn Pr0n

Love Love the Magenta...Dark Gray From Left to Right - Verhext and Verratzt (V&V) Medium in 100%, Igor Light from the WM Store, and V&V Twin Dark: WM V&V 100% Med(L) Igor (L) and V&V Twin (Dark) Madtosh MCN 80-10-10 in Cousteau The most accurate picture I could get was when I took a picture with Hazel Knits Hopping Blonde: Madtosh MCN Worsted Cousteau ...compared with Tree Tops (from the Yarn Club in summer): Madtosh MCN Worsted TreeTops pic3 and Hazel Knits Entice MCN in Jam Session (a lovely Deep Red Pink and Hopping Blonde - Jam Session Hopping Blonde and Fudge Fudge Entice MCN Back Can you tell I'm buying more brown lately? I'm definitely attracted to fall colors right now. I have started the Gingko Leaves shawl with the Hopping blonde - 77 rows of stockinette with yarn overs, and I'm about half way..then, onto the lovely leaf edging. The yarn is very soft and yummy. Of course, when something comes in, something must go out, so I'm now updating my destash page with lovelies too.

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