Saturday, September 18, 2010


I think it finally happened...I've lost the enchantment with Ravelry. It's sad to say, really, but I was going great guns with swapping there from March through July..then, took a swap break (diet) for August, and now I find my mind turning to other things.

The warm weather's gone, and I'm missing the sun. I spent a week at the end of August at a conference in Disneyworld which was blissfully warm. Had my pic taken with Mickey, and rode the Harry Potter ride at Universal Studios. Very fun. I spent the week away from tv, half the week away from the pc, and did not amazingly bring any knitting with me. Instead, I bought a book "Secret Daughter" to read on the plane, and caught up on general reading.

Since Labour day, I find I'm just re-focused at work as I'm doing dual duty - project management and working with the tech guys on the same project. These days, my days fly by. I don't expect to get much of a break until next month, at least that's what I expect.

These days, I find myself picking up projects to finish them. Thought the sun is gone, I find myself picking up those summer projects left behind. I restarted the Guinevere Sheer Top - I'm on the top section of the bodice. This is an earlier pic of the material.

Guinevere's Choice Panel

As per usual, I didn't swatch as I'm using different yarns than intended, so I'm just knitting it to fit me. Could be a challenge to adjust for the arm holes. I think I can find another sweater I worked on to work a cheat - we'll see.

Yarns are Lorna's Laces Lion & Lamb (50-50 silk-wool blend) in Gold Hill, and Loom in Essence silk-wool (70-30), and silk-mohair blend. It's wonderfully soft, and I'm getting a lot of compliments these days.

I'm also working on Socks- yep, a lacy eyelet pattern perfect for SUMMER...knit in soft malabrigo sock in color Stonechat. Ironically, the pattern is called "Seeking Sunlight". How's that for timing. I started knitting it in August when the weather was warm, and went to Orlando without knitting.

Stonechat Seeking Sunlight Socks (right)

I've knit and frogged back the cuff about 3 or 4 times now as I find that my mind wanders to other things, and I end up making some weird boo-boo. After knitting an inch, I find I can't fudge any longer, and end up ripping back and re-knitting.
hopefully, soon I can finish this sock, and start sock 2. Have a feeling I'll be wearing these inside 'til summer time comes again.


Natalie B said...

life is made of seasons, I've been feeling like reading more as well - with the rainy weather and all :)

Natalie B said...

life is full of seasons. I've been reading more as well - all the rain!

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