Saturday, October 18, 2014


Two weekends ago, I went over to Vancouver for Knit City. Class with the Yarn Harlot on Knitting for Speed and Efficiency was a lot of fun. I think I will try out the lever knitting technique.

I bought some yarn (pics to come later) from Sweet Georgia 2 Skeins Trinity Worsted (MCN base) in Mulberry a lovely red-purple...surprising ? haha, and also a couple of bulky skeins of Superwash Skein - 1 in mulberry (can't resist the colorway...) and Deep Cove (a lovely dark teal) which I really love.

Also visited with a friend, and tried to do some shopping with my mom, and had some good food there. It was a beautiful clear day both going over and coming back on Harbour Air - these were my 2 free tickets from a year ago.. What a treat!

For knitting, I'm in a bit of a funk. One one hand, brimming with ideas, but not as motivated to knit them, and not motivated to knit anything on my queue. So...last weekend, I started weaving again. I am borrowing (likely buying) a loom from a friend at the Handweaver's and Spinners Guild. It's a table loom (up to 15" wide) with a stand. I dug into my stash, picked out a pattern, and made a simple scarf in a couple of evenings. Well, not a plain weave, but an arrow-like chevron design, and some waves. Yarn is Verdant Gryphon Bugga in Wales (Dark Gray-brown with blue in it) as the warp, and VG Bugga Eye of Newt (pink, orange, and black). I also added some in VG Bugga Blue Stick Insect (which is a brilliant turquoise, and navy blue) for some watery-like bits.

I sprung for a Tassimo coffee machine with the Sears points I'd been accumulating..yum!

In yarny news,  my Tri'Coterie Luxury Yarn club arrived. It's a camel-silk blend - red and black together, with a shawl pattern, solid perfume (roses), and a beading needle.

pics to come.

Thursday, October 02, 2014


My brain is somewhat fried these days..i've been enjoying life and have overscheduled myself just a bit too much. Work is going well, and I'm enjoying that very much.

I've been doing some swatching and playing with yarns, and I volunteered to do a newsletter for my guild, so that's been keeping me busy. I started socks with a Tri'Coterie Sock Gold Dust yarn called The Girl who was on Fire, after the Hunger Games theme. I wanted to make socks like these..

but my feet are narrower and smaller, so i'm getting a striping look on the toe up - i'm not sure i'll keep this. I'm wondering too if I'm getting a bit of lost mojo...or just was too tired the last few weeks.


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