Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sotherton pics

Just took a peek in here, and realized I hadn't posted any pics of Sotherton - so here you go...

Sotherton Cables Progress jun2

Sotherton Full Progress

Sotherton Cables Closeup

I'm debating about the sleeve length now since it's cuff up. I've actually knit past the elbow, but i'm thinking of either (a) frogging back and making the sleeve a 3/4 length sleeve, or (b) trying to knit the yoke and do top-down sleeves, which would require me to veer from the pattern, since the designer has designed it to have body and 2 sleeves, and then, knit the yoke and pick up the 2 sleeves.

I hate it when I stall..but i'm too busy right now to think about doing anything else.

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