Friday, June 15, 2007

These June days...

Well, I started off June in a flurry of frenzy- frantic activity getting ready for my vacation to Dallas, Texas. The weather was wonderfully warm all the week before - unusally so, for Portland; and a couple of days had weird blustery weather and gray skies. I left Thursday afternoon, and embarked on my adventure.

I had pre-checked in the night before, and I flew through the security checkpoint. Friday I arrived and met my friend at the airport. The air was thick and humid, and hot. Like Singapore. It was nice, like coming home. Checked out the downtown Denton area - a small university town. I discovered waffle fries - thick fries cut in a criss-cross shape. Oh, they are soo good with ketchup.

Friday morning - went to pick up my car at the Budget rental place. The guy upgraded me to Mercury Mariner - a small SUV, really boxy, and bright red. I was apparently the first person to request a 5spd in his 3 yrs of renting..needless to say, all they had were automatics. In no time, I was zooming around town. Went into Dallas proper - those texans sure drive crazy. Luckily, I was up high enough to see over the whole highway, and anticipate the crazy actions ahead of time. Lots of people not signaling, and cutting into my lane, also a bus that just stopped in the lane and tried to cut in 8 cars ahead of me.

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