Saturday, August 30, 2014

Capricious shots - cabling detail and contiguous sleeves

Early Pics:

with close-ups of the contiguous sleeve and cabling - I'm alternating between twists at 7 Rows and 9 Rows.

I've completed one sleeve, and I'm more than half way through the second, and the hem is done on the body with the i-cord edge (substituted for the garter in the pattern).

Sunday, August 17, 2014

August Days.

Mid-August and the weather is still deliciously warm. There were a few less than 70s days, but the weather seems to have bounced back now.

Capricious is humming along..I like the contiguous sleeves, but the pattern is exceptionally long and over-written - 13 pages with the chart, and copyright info, and no schematic. Pics are available, but it's best to look at finished projects on Ravelry to check out what the cardi looks like. I followed another raveler's lead by doing an i-cord edging instead of the garter. I think it'll make it look a bit more elegant. I also added some rows to the front edging to bridge the gap a little better, so about 8 Rows total. I had already added the i-cord edging to the hem all the way around when I realized I hadn't picked up and done the fronts, so there was small piece where I had to pick up and join the i-cord to make it continuous. I really like the look, and I think it will look great once blocked.

So, I'm about 66% on this project, and will be finishing up the sleeves. Used 2 full skeins (400 yds) Cephalopodyarns Bugga in Man of War, so far.

I finally went into Origins Bakery (gluten-free) on Friday. I buckled and bought 2 cupcakes - one chocolate with cherries, and one with lemon and blueberries. the lemon one was really good, the other one, was good but not as good as I expected. Also, a loaf of pepita bread which I'm cautiously eating, as I've been avoiding yeast, as well as wheat. It tastes really good, and I broke into my fig jam from the Maison Preserves who sells at the Moss St. Market on Saturdays. Mmmm.. Also, at Origins, I picked up a package of homemade, these things are really to die for.

Had some recent  lovely yarn deliveries..but I've misplaced my camera's battery charger, so I will have to hunt for that and post pics when  have them. I think I took some pics earlier of Capricious, so I'll take a look for those, and load what I have.

Almost forgot to write about the fabulous day I had today - I went to Fibrations (local fibre fair in Victoria). A lady was leaving right when I pulled onto the street where the fair was being held, so I snagged a great parking spot, opposite the gate. I only had a half hour to zip in and get some stuff, so I dashed over to Melissa's booth, and snagged a large box bag (pink glasses), and a smaller one of shopping ladies. Then, over to the raffles, and 10 minutes to zip around the rest of the booths. About the only thing that caught my eye was a lady who was making needle felted hangings. she had this gorgeous hanging of a octopus in the sea. If it hadn't sold already, I probably would have snagged it.

Then, over to a lovely massage, which I was on time for, and then, over to my storage unit to do a bit of reorganizing. I found some yarn I'd been searching for, and reorganized another box for my friend Kim who does fundraising. It was really one of those glorious sunny days when you just wish you could sit on your porch and eat ice cream..which I would have done, except I was out and about enjoying the sun. Here's hoping it stays through October.

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