Monday, March 30, 2009

March Yarn Pirate

Almost the end of the month, and received my March Yarn Pirate - beautiful - it's called "Rain Shadow" and a combination of dark almost forest green, brown, light green, and gray.

Yarn Pirate Rain Shadow Back

and the front:

Yarn Pirate Rain Shadow Front

It's superwash BFL and a keeper, a nice change for me from the last 2 which were not my colors at all.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Back on the needles...

The Shapely Symmetry Sheath went back on the needles on Saturday, after I'd finished the shawl-collared pullover. I decided the top striping of the front piece was still good, and finished it off. I bound-off the edge of the top with the stretchy bind-off, and ended up with this neat edge.

Shapely Sheath - Neck Bindoff

Now, to seam and make the final cording at the waist. I'm not sure about this crochet, it looks a bit wimpy. I think I might try the i-cord after all.

Here's the progress on the Rhiannon sock, currently on hold - I'm trying to decide whether to rip back to before the heel. I had ended up with the same # of stitches (76) as I was supposed to have after ending the horshoe cable. That is, I had already 76 before the double decreases, so I would have ended up with 68 stitches instead of 76. So, I just twisted the cable like so, and it re-expanded when I went to knit the heel. Will try to knit a partridge heel also, as I don't like the plain heel flap that cookie's planned for me. Good thing she's not really watching, as I have veered a lot from her original design.

The Front so far:
Rhiannon Socks Cable (Front)

and the back:

Rhiannon Cable Socks Back

Sent these cuties off in the mail to a friend in Germany who had her baby Lara Sophie last year. This little girl has a lot of pink in her closet - so i'm sending her some green to spice up her life a little...and of course, there's still a bit of pink in there (to please her mom).

Ts for Corina

My mom looked at the one on the far left last week and said "cute shamrocks" before she realized they were really cute little butterflies.

Flamingo T for Corina

$15.80 for postage without a tracking number...hopefully, she'll receive these little lovelies soon.

Also, Chris told me today that she receives many compliments on her beautifully felted green and purple hat. :) It's nice to knit for thankful and happy people.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fini - shawl collared pullover

Last ball of Aurora 8 in Wine 02 started to finish off the collar of the shawl-collared pullover from VK 2005 Winter, which I started in Spring 2006, and put aside until last year. Now with the collar done, I sat and seamed the collar into the neckline, and the sleeves into the armholes. Finally, finished.

AV Shawl-collared pullover


When I started this in 2006, it fit close. Now, it's more like a winter over-sweater - which still works...when that darn winter weather won't stay away.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Captivating Treats

Finally took a few more close-ups of the malswap goodies -

Here's the handspun, up-close and personal...
Handspun (adriennec)

The cute monkey pagemarkers:

Copy of P1030267

and the Dolfin Chocolates (yum!)
Dolfin Chocolate

Another treat for me is that I finally finished up the Vera T I'd been making, and it fits great - I've worn it twice now to both knit nights.

VeraT Fini Body

I've started now a pair of socks - rhiannon in a yarn pirate icicle which is a merino-tencel, and a tie-wrap in bsa suri merino dawn (lt pink) that I received from yarnpiggy last bsa swap.

There's a horshoe cable on one side:
Horshoe Cable
and a fancier cable on the other:
Rhiannon Cable
and a part that folds over at the top of the cuff:
Foldover Cable Rhiannon Socks

An update about the hat for the friend in portland...turns out the measurement I was given was wrong, wrong, wrong - so it doesn't fit. I guess that's why I shouldn't try to make gifts for people who aren't where I am, as they just don't work out. Back to making stuff for me...

Here's the luxurious pic of the bsa suri merino from yarnpiggy
BSA SuriMerino Dawn Close-up,
and another with a photo of the pattern i'm trying to make.
BSA SuriMerino Dawn

Ironically, yarnpiggy was my recipient in this last malswap:
here's what I sent to her.

I love knitting with the suri merino cuz it's so soft, but at the same time, i'm currently captivated by the cables on the socks, so i imagine the wrap'll be slow going.

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