Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Breathing new life...

...into my knitting. I've decided to go with the flow..if I feel like casting on, I'm casting on. Forget monogamous knitting. done that, it doesn't work for me. If a project gets snagged, I find myself dipping into the doldrums and not inspired. i'm back to knitting multiple projects to keep my interest.

other than leaves which I was bringing for knit night knitting - I started this Sweet Mezquita Shawl - looks like leaves..and another green (although the yarn looks blue in the skein) very much an electric green-blue - it's Sweet Georgia Cashluxe Fine in Tourmaline, and it is very luxurious to knit with.

Tourmaline MCN Cashluxe Fine

Sweet Mezquita Shawl Detail

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Can you tell ?

I'm hankering for summer - makin' some leaves - and as some say, I have my "knitting mojo" back.

Saroyan pic 4

The pattern is Saroyan, free and an enjoyable knit so far.
The yarn is Sanguin Gryphon Bugga in color Signatus Lacewing. Lovely.

Here's the inspiration for some summer sun...
Gaia's Colours Silk

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Restarted Kelmscott

I finally sat down the other night and ripped back the 2" on my left and right fronts of the Kelmscott. Actually, I unknit the 10 or so rows in lace, as the yarn is very sticky and would not have been fun to frog. I did it while watching a movie - Despicable Me! - a light hearted cartoon - very fun and entertaining. It made the unknitting go faster.

I'm not happy with any of the pattern designers for the patterns I'm currently knitting. Very vague instructions - oops did you want detailed instructions for that ?
The kelmscott requires that you decrease at the neck in pattern as you bind off for the armhole - fortunately, any weird goof ups on my part should hopefully be hidden by the ginormous collar that fans out on the shoulder area.

Also started ysolda's snapdragon mitts. The chart looks straightforward and I'm knitting in a yummy superwash worsted yarn from Ursa's Gaia's Colours, but somehow my mind's on other things.

Work's been a bear, most recently the last 3 weeks have been frantic and lots of work to do. I don't enjoy sw support and that's mostly what I'm doing these days..kind of sucks the life out of you. Luckily, I still have my sense of humor, and I'm trying to remember to have compassion for myself....on all fronts.

I think somehow my subconscious is reminding me to get my to do list done. since it's been so busy with work, the time has just flown by since January. I realized in February, that I'd stopped living outside of work, and so now, I'm leaving work at work on the weekends and limiting talking about it all. Out of sight, out of mind is just best.

I want to go back to just enjoying knitting without the bar so officially I'm taking myself off the "12 in 2011" bandwagon, and trying to go back to just knitting for me.
I want to knit with soft yarn and be inspired about what I make, without being frustrated with pattern design errors and feeling pressured to reach some artifical bar that I've set on myself - there, I said it.

I'm changing back to just knitting for me.

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