Sunday, April 29, 2012


Wow, April has blown by. Notable events, Easter holidays from work, my birthday, cake (ok, birthday cake) , and a few projects started, and mid-progress.

Mmmmm birthday cake - It was a Raspberry Mousse cake from Murchie's - well, mostly it was a chocolate mousse housed in a chocolate shell, with a raspberry core.

and also this Lemon Cheesecake to celebrate Robin's birthday coinciding in the same time frame.
sooo yummy - one of those whipped cream ones, soft and lemony.

I think it's been awhile since I bought a Murchie's cake - it was quite a treat!
Add to that one of the first sunny days in spring, friends, good conversation and knitting - it was relaxing and fun.  Robin and I had joked about having a six-year old's party where I gave out goody-bags.  Instead, I brought ~60 skeins of yarn, and gave it away - pink and reds, a few blue - indie sock yarn, handspun, wollmeise, silk-wool, and merino, merino blends, and silk. Aftermath shown below, mid-right.

Haappy Birrrthdaaaaay...

 Finally took a pic of my Herbivore...unblocked..but off the needles..

I started the lace of the Little Colonnade then, decided I didn't like how the yarn was I frogged it back and am trying to just finish up with a bit of simple eyelets with the Brass and Steam-

Lovely how the stockinette shows off the blue and  brown...
Blue Morpho Little C Shawl Closeup

Yes, I'm still appreciating browns, and I'm somewhat on a coral kick these days..and blue - 

April Roses

Coral Gables Traveller shown far right, I purchased on a destash, and left and right is Kathmandu, a bright orange which I hope to pair one day with St. Tropez (middle) for Octopus Mittens-

Kathmandu St. Tropez Coral Gables Traveller DK

and with this blue - Blue Stink bug, I've stared the Larch Cardi - 


knit straight up from the bottom to the shoulders, and then, split for the arms. The bottom is a twisted rib, which is cast-off and then, re-picked up for a nice finished edge. Seemed like a waste of time when I was reading it, but the finish is really lovely, and it can't be achieved just by fudging.

Work's been pleasantly busy, and a few other'll be May in a few days..and I can't wait. I'm planning to layout and block and pin my Hush when I have some peace and quiet and can focus on it properly without distraction. The instructions indicate blocking the body before picking up for the sleeves.

ETA: If I haven't enabled you yet personally - the Madelinetosh group on Rav has a Sales & Promos thread as they're getting ready for Mad May - a big knitting stashdown event for the month of May. Several knit designers are offering discounts on patterns through end of April and some end of May. Happy Knits is offering 20% off all Madtosh yarns through April 30th with the code from the thread.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

April Fool's Day

Today was good day sunny and I got a lot done.

I also discovered a huge boo-boo with my hush cardi. somehow the fronts are not the same is definitely smaller than the other. so, i'm debating now to finish the ribbon on the front i'm on and then, try to pin it together to see what it'll look like. I'm pretty sure that the 6 stitches that are missing on the left are in the right. That means, I might be ripping back the entire section of woven stitch which is 2 strands held together. Fun, fun.

Anyway, tomorrow is a new week, and it's a new month.

I did finish off the 12" of my herbivore and bound it off on Saturday, so that is done - yay!

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