Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cool Package from BSA Swap

Received this cool package in the Blue Sky Alpacas (BSA) Swap on Ravelry last Wednesday. Flickr was hung a couple of days, and I couldn't get in there to update the photo, so I'm a little late posting.


I was really spoiled this time -

3 beautiful skeins of organic cotton
2 skeins of Alpaca Silk in Red, and 2 skeins in a deep royal purple (both of which I love!)

Speaking of which, what's not to love ? I love the whole package!

She also treated me to a lt pink Flip Notes Book (with debossed leaves on the front) -very pretty, and tea - a tin of Lupicia Jasmin Green Tea (which I haven't seen this brand), a Harney Tea Tagalong in Hot Cinnamon Sunset, and a couple of bags of stash tea. Then, onto chocolate - yes, she treated me also with chocolate - a Lindt intense dark bar, Dolfin milk green tea chocolate (which I also haven't seen - what a treat - milk chocolate and green tea together-yum!), and 2 ritter sport bars.

Last but not least, 2 souvenirs from Alaska - a bear with fish keychain, and a pair of hot pink socks with flowers.

and she xpresspost'd the box so it arrived really fast, and the chocolate didn't have a chance to melt - thanks Jen! I hope your spoiler is as good to you!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Fabulous Week

August's here and I had a fabulous week. I received my swap package from the Four Seasons (Summer) Swap on Ravelry. My sender absolutely spoiled me - I received everything wrapped in wonderful pink tissue paper and everything I wanted:

Here's the before:
Summer Swap Rec'd

and the after:

Summer Swap Contents

2 skeins of Dream in Color Classy in Punky Fuchsia
Dream in Color Shrug Pattern
A Tin of Harney Tea - Pomegranate Oolong - This tastes so good!
Dark chocolate with chilis
milk chocolate covered espresso beans (customs had to check this out - luckily for me, they didn't sample any!)
fun stitch markers
notecards for tracking my needles
and a hand-crocheted dish scrubbie in blue (I'm not a crocheter so it's kind of thrilling to receive something handcrocheted by someone else)
Scrubbie Card and Stitch Markers

and I received my July shipment for Yarn Pirate - Cupcake - in my favorite colors - pink and chocolate brown. This one's a keeper! and it's BFL, so I get to try this one.

Yarn Pirate Cupcake

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