Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Opulence and Spring

18" in on front.
Yarn is Sundara Aran Silky Merino in Ruby Port - lovely silk-merino.

This pic doesn't do the color justice, as I took the pic in my mirror to show the fit so far.

Opulence pic 1

This color shows the rich ruby red, and the curves at the waist:

Opulence Knitting direction

-Only drawback is the yarn bleeds as I'm knitting. I'm pretty used to washing my hands after each round of knitting. This was the first color is Sundara's Year in Color Limited edition only available for a year, before she changed her mind and brough it back as a Permanent Colorway. Gorgeous and opulent.

Also working on my Spring Damselfly socks, Cat Bordhi Style - toe up and knitted to the heel, then, to open up and knit the cuff last. too bad I don't have more hands.

Here's the toe -
Damselfly Toe

and what I've knit so far -
Spring Damselfly Socks pic 3

Knit in Sweet Georgia Cashluxe Fine in Peashoot

Friday, April 22, 2011

Currently working on two knitting projects - socks with Sweet Georgia Cashluxe Fine in Peashoot - I know, green again, but spring is finally here, sunny weather and sometimes warm.

Sweet Georgia Peashoot pic 1

The pattern is from the Art & Sole Collection by Janel Laidman...a lovely damselfy (like a dragonfly) graces the cuff. Knitting using Cat Bordhi's method and re-fitting with a new template. After cutting a first template, I realized that the template wasn't the width or length of my foot, so I've re-cut it and now, it's much better. I am at the point of decreasing for the heel, so hopefully get to the interesting pattern knitting soon.

Also working on the Opulence Raglan from Wendy Bernard. This is a elbow-length pullover with a cable running down the front. I'm finally busting my stash and using Sundara ASM Ruby Port which I brought when Sundara first introduced her "Year in Color" November or December 2009. The colors were supposed to be not repeatable for at least a year. Now, she's buckled and it has become a permanent colorway available regularly. I love knitting with the aran silky merino base, but it's a deep red which bleeds off on my hands as I knit. I'm getting used to having inky fingers again (a throwback to my rubberstamping days). I'm on the 2nd ball and in some plain rows at my waist before increasing.

It's a hard color to photograph - like opulent red with bits of black -
Opulence Sundara Yarn

Sunday, April 10, 2011

March 2011 - A bit of green

I wrapped up three projects in March -

Snug Flaming Red Hat using Ursa's Mama Quilla Worsted (Gaia's Colours) in Brigid a bright flaming red. This yarn is similar in weight to Malabrigo Worsted, but not as soft, and not nearly as elastic. It seemed like the pattern also lent itself with its twisted stitches to a tight knit.

Facet Hat pic 1

Green Leaves Shawl - saroyan, a free pattern where lovely curly leaves knit as you go. Yarn is Sanguin Gryphon Bugga in Signatus Lacewing colorway - a lovely green with bits of blue in it. Really very soft yarn and a lovely knit.

Here it is from my back -
Saroyan pic 2

and in detail...

Leaf Detail

Last but not least - this Sweet Mezquita Shawl - pattern from Zen Yarn Garden, and a sweet soft knit in Sweet Georgia Cashluxe Fine in Tourmaline - also green, but a brighter louder green -

Pinecone Detail

Sweet Mezquita Front

The icing on the cake - Roxanne Yuen of Zen Yarn Garden has included my project picture (above) on the project. It was the first time I blocked using the Anti-Fatigue mats from Wal-mart, pinned to a towel on top of the mats. Blocked and set overnight. Lovely points and turned out beautifully.

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