Sunday, June 29, 2008

Heat Wave

It was 90 degrees outside today (ok, that's about 32C) - Hot hot hot! Especially going from about a balmy 70 degrees on Friday. Yesterday was the first hot day - my car was reading 86F. Even with a hat, I was toasty. My sandals are in my storage unit, so I am looking to acquire some new ones. I didn't make it to Mayfair Mall early enough today to check it out, so maybe tomorrow.

Yesterday, I went down to the waterfront with my friend Jen to look at the Tall Ships in the Inner Harbour, and the festival going on there. There was some kind of amber alert on, so we weren't allowed to go in. We went up the street to find a cool drink. Sam's Deli only had warm water waiting in their cooler; another touristy place wanted to charge us $2.65 or a Dasani, and third time's the charm, we went to Murchie's for a cool ice tea.

Later on, we drove to Dallas Rd. and set up my Canada chair next to a bench to knit while we waited for the Tall Ships to come by and do their Cannon War. When they came by, they were so far out, we couldn't see much. We could only hear the boom of the cannon, and see the smoke. It wasn't much of a war. These shots were taken on my zoom. We knit and chatted until the sun was setting.
Today was a sleepy day and mellow since it was so hot out. I zipped out around 4ish to do some errands. Then, came home. Pizza (slipped off the wagon there), and a salad for dinner. Yum.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Bitchy Bees and Salto Socks

The Bitchy Bees group has definitely grown. Yesterday, when I arrived at 6:30pm ish, the group had already taken over the place - the long L table was established, and some 15 of us knitters' grouped around knitting and chattering joyously.

The weather has warmed up, and for the first time at knit night, I ordered something cool to drink - iced matcha latte. It was ok. They were out of carbonated water, so I my first choice of a italian soda was out. Maybe next time.

My Salto socks are progressing. I zoomed down towards the lower leg last night. The cables have become easier to do now that I can recognize when to twist, instead of trying to count the rows. I think I'm twist every 3rd instead of 4th row. The increases at center back, and decreases at center front of the socks are become more apparent.
I'm really enjoying the yarn pirate merino tencel - it's so soft, and shiny. Everyone who sees it comments that it looks so shiny. Yep, shiny. and soft...mmmm - i'm off to play with my socks, and enjoy the sunshine.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


It's been so long that so much has happened, I don't know where to start.
I moved from Portland, OR to Victoria, BC, left behind my friends, and 20 lovely yarn shops; and explored new territory, exported and imported my car, and have begun to make new friends in this old but new strange-to-me city.

It has been a challenge to adjust to many things - not the least of which is the consumer tax. Going from 0 to 12% has been a shock to my system, and I've been able to pull back a little from previous consumer spending habits. 5% GST (federal) and 7% PST (provincial); plus about 25% of my gas tank fill is tax. When I filled my tank for the first time in January, the price was $1.08/L. Having previously filled my tank at $25-$30 per 10G tank for 2 weeks' worth of driving. I nearly fell over when the same 10G tank now cost $45.00. Now, 6 months later, I'm paying $56.00, and hear gas in Portland, Or surpassed the $4 mark several weeks ago.

Another adjustment is that I'm eating out less than I used to. The portions are simply smaller. Thai food once a staple, and near to my home costs more - and they charge for rice!

On the positive front, I am making more friends in my age group - I meet with a nice (and growing) group of knitters in their 20s to 40s at Khona Cafe, called the Bitchy Bees. Each week, we start out 4 to a side of a longish table, and expand, subtly pushing out any would-be writers, post-yoga relaxers, or non-knitting coffee drinkers. On a regular week, we meet Tuesdays and Fridays from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, and have about 15-20 people. It's relaxing, and fun to see others' projects, and take a few sips of tea, while working on my own.

Speaking of projects, I had to stash the dress to make my move, and temporarily misplaced it. Then, lost the book, and wasn't able to get my hands on my copy until May of this year. Now, I'm finished the back, and on the part of the top of the front; just swatching to see what colors I will settle on. I have been renewed in my inspiration about knitting, that one thing is for sure --- I have started a pair of socks, using Yarn Pirate's Patina yarn (may 2008's colorway) in Merino-tencel. The yarn is very soothing to knit with, and I often find myself overknitting past the cable twist that need to be put in. The pattern is Salto, which is probably not the best for a beginner sock knitter to knit at knit nights, but there you go. I keep a tiny 2.10mm crochet hook at the ready in case I need to drop down a cable and pick it up again.

Also stalled is the red Blue Sky Alpaca Suri Merino sweater which I had started in December; in a top-down cardigan from Knitting Pure and Simple. I'm at the cuff of the second sleeve, and needing to finish that, the collar, and put in the zipper.

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