Thursday, August 29, 2013

End of August

Whoa..haven't been blogging in awhile. After knitting, unknitting the Canyonlands Shawl, it's done.
Yarn - Skein Merino Silk Sport in Tundra

This was after the garter -

Tundra Canyonlands Shawl

It's blocking now, and I'll post a photo again soon.

Friday, August 02, 2013


phew July just blew by..been busy getting out in the sun which is so atypical for me. Normally, I knit year round. This is the first year, I'm still knitting, but I get out in the sun more. I've been visiting Butchart Gardens and taking in the sweet smell of the roses. It's August now, so hopefully, the dahlias won't be too far behind.

There's a lady who has a lovely bountiful garden of dahlias on my route to work..they started this last week to put flowers out on their stand, and I stopped by on Wednesday after my class to pick some up from me and for my mom.  $4 for 7 or 8 big Dahlias in a bunch..and they're a beautiful mix of colors.

For knitting, I knit the yoke..followed the instructions and then, tried on..and realized I'd knit too far compared to where I want the next to I ripped back 3 repeats..and did another decrease, and bound off. Today's the first day it's been overcast, so I might actually be able to visualize what length I want the sleeves. It was too distracting to figure this out when it's I want to just wear it now with the cap sleeve when it's sunny like this..even though it's 100% wool..and might be a bit heavy in summer weather (i.e. too toasty to actually wear in sun).

Other things that happened. The Verdant Gryphon offered another 5th monday contest for the end of July. I suggested a photo that was a lovely red-pink, blue, and purpley-pink colorway, and Gryphon was inspired..she created this:

My prize skein arrived and it's just as beautiful..

I had frogged back the couple of inches on the Lavaliere and that is re-started now, and the shoulders are beginning to shape. The color is pleasing, and the yarn is soft, even if the pattern is a bit boring at the moment...

black friday

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