Monday, October 11, 2010

Warm yet Fall

October's come and it's Canadian Thanksgiving already. I don't know where the time flies to. I am so busy with work - I am in meeting after meeting, doing both project management and trying to handle the technical side, directing programmers and trying to minimize formal meetings. It's been crazy just trying to keep track of ever changing statuses, nevermind minutes.

In private life, I finally upgraded my pc. It was getting on, about 10 years. It had a mid-life rejuvenation about 5 years back when my hard drive crashed, and I put a new one in. It's just been so slow lately - always downloading updates. I gave up, and went to a mac. Weird learning curve, but I find I can do most things I want to do. Latest find is Dashboard widgets - almost as many iPhone Apps but free. Pretty cool. Too bad my dashboard is so small.

I am also getting startitis again on my projects. Trying to knit with some of my more luscious yarns as I would rather enjoy them now for knitting and wearing, than waiting.

Currently started a shawl in a yummy Handmaiden Swiss Mountain Sea Sock - this luxurious yarn is 51% silk, 29% Superwash Merino and 20% Seacell. Also trying to knit and finish up my Bamboo top in Hot Pink. Been a frustrating journey with the yarn - mid-way knots splitting that I don't discover until 4 or 5 rows later, and floppy yarn that tangles easily. Hopefully, just a few more rows til I'm done.

Weather is sunny but still in the 60s. Hard to believe November is just around the corner.

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