Thursday, July 02, 2015


I think I might finally see why people in California and Arizona don't like knitting heavy sweaters during their mild spring and winters. It's just too hot to think about hauling a heavy sweater around, and it's only in the low 80s here. I love the warm weather, but lately it's just a bit too warm in my house to entirely cool down or even sleep. I miss having an air conditioner. I have a little fan which rotates and pushes some air around.

As I peruse my queue, I see a lot of heavyweight sweaters in there.
Also, it might be time to cut my hair...

Here's the cardi i'm working on so far (pattern - Mary Mary):

Herakles Socks

I'm currently knitting plain socks toe-up Yarn for Toe of Sock: Sanguine Gryphon Yellow Dung Fly from a 10g mini (sport weight) Yarn...