Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Finishing up Larch

ok, finished sleeve 2, now to do the collar. I'm itching to start a new project, but I want to finish this one first. I knit the sleeves to the same length as the pattern; even thought they're supposed to be long. They seem to fit me well.

ETA: I started on the collar, and there a royal math error in the collar section. Luckily, when I looked back at the project listing, she has listed the errata on her listing, but did not update the pattern file. I started the first few short rows, and realized after going back to look at others' projects that the collar pick-up forces the collar to turn outwards, which would be fine for a normal collar, but since it's a shawl-style collar, it's going to look stupid stupid at the base of the collar, so I will have to rip back 2-3 rows started and figure out how to re-jig the collar. The pattern has been a bit of ups and downs - ups because the stockinette is very smooth easy knitting, and downs when I look at the pattern, and think (what they hay?!) and adjust it to work better than written. A few people have commented that they had to fudge the collar because the pattern designer's notes left a lot to be desired.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

sleeves and pics

As a follow-up from the last
Project - Larch Cardigan
Yarn: SG Bugga Blue Stink Bug

sleeve 1:

Larch Cardi Sleeve pic2

Larch Cardi Sleeve1 Rounded pic2

sleeve 2 - in progress - more than 1/2 way now, but a little less in this pic -

Larch Cardi Sleeve2

Sweet Georgia Yarn exchange/custom dye.
Returned 2 Raspberry Cashluxe Fine (left 2 in below photo):

Sweet Georgia Cashluxe Fine Raspberry

Color ordered - Coastal - this is on the merino silk fine base (left)  and the merino silk aran base (right):
Sweet Georgia Merino Silk Fine Coastal 
Side2Sweet Georgia Merino Silk Fine 
Estimated to complete by end of April; I contacted them in Mid-may only to be told the base had just arrived. Fast forward to the next week -  what arrived was a bleak blah blue gray, and not semi-solid at all, and just one tag. Just this tiny scrap remains:

Cashluxe Fine Original coastal

Luckily, I was able to save the skeins from boredom or destash.

Emma of Everything Old (link to her shop here) was able to overdye them this lovely vibrant blue-green teal. Lovely, just lovely, and so soft. I'm very happy.

 Cashluxe Fine Overdye Teal

now to find the right project...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

one sleeve down..

one to go..

It took a little over a week to do the first sleeve, and even though people have complained that the designer makes long sleeves, I think it's going to be just fine. I managed to rip back twice on the way to the top - once because I read the wrong line of the pattern for decreases, and a second because I managed to drop a stitch way down about 15 rows, and ended up not having enough yarn to pick it back. so, rip rip. The first sleeve is bound off, and waiting.

I also managed to snag another blue stink bug skein which is well-matched, so I'll be good to complete.

I cast-on sleeve 2 today at lunch. very pretty yarn this blue.

Other news, my Sweet Georgia yarn from Fibres west arrived. I had asked her for Coastal on Cashluxe Fine, and told her no pastel. Apparently that colour is already a pastel, but it was so dark inside at Fibres West that it was impossible to tell. It finally arrived after some prompting and a delay in the base arriving.  It came very blue gray and blah and with only one tag. Luckily, we have another dyer in our group Em who was willing to give it a shot on an overdye - and so it's come out a lovely blue-green colour, and the base has softened up so much - not sure what it'll be yet.  pics to follow.

Oh, and the coral interest was very short-lived. After I bought the coral gables traveller, the lady who sold it to me, sold the 2nd skein to someone else who contacted me to make a larger project. I've let it go. I think I just wanted the warmer weather to come.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Larch continued

Continuing with Larch which I started 2.5 weeks ago - I finished the body last night - did a 3-needle bind-off at the shoulders - ta da!

Larch Body

The colour is knitting up so nicely - I'm really enjoying the knitting-

Larch Top

Now, I've started knitting the sleeves.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Maaaay - it's may!

May is here. I set out and blocked my Hush Cardi, pinned the shoulders and took a pic. It'll do. No way i'm ripping back this one. It turned out so soft. Next > arms.

Hush Hoodie Front

and the real colour, minus my yellow drapes in the background-

Hush Hoodie Blocking

Also, I'm zipping along on my Larch Cardi in Bugga. It's a beautiful mix of blues. I knit the 15" to the arms, split for the front; have now knit the left front and right front, and have started on the back. It's lovely.

here's an earlier pic..prior to the 15".
Blue Larch

and my madtosh order finally came - I had ordered this -
Madtosh Pashmina Worsted Fathom Close

it's Madtosh Pashmina in Fathom, AND that was the weekend, they drew 3 names to win a Madtosh bag -and I won!

Madtosh bag
and signed by the owner.

Also, traded for these, more Skein Fingering Merino cashmere - in Spiced Chai.

Skein FMC Spice Chai Closeup

yep, still into brown.

black friday

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