Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Started on the B-Side

Started a B-Side Cardi in Stonechat (Burgundy, Brown, Olive Green) Mal Silky Merino. It's a dream to knit with; so much so that I sometimes forget to read the pattern completely. For instance, I started well enough with a 2.5" rib, and knit a few more rows before realizing I was supposed to decrease. Too much yarn, so had to frog back. You could say I'm getting good at this. Next time, I reknit the cable, and continued onwards, then, reaching the end of the cable chart (26 row repeat) that I over-ribbed, for more like 4.5", instead of doing stockinette.

Needless to say for those who know me well, I've veered from the pattern. I did un-do about 16 or 18 2-column pearls and used a crochet to drop and pink up the columns of stitches to make stockinette. Between the cable and the left front edge though I kept about 6 columns, and to even it out, also at the right front edge, so I'll have a border of ribs which will hopefully keep the cardi pliable. It's still soft, but the stockinette is very boring. Hopefully, the cable will keep my interest up.

Here's the pre-ripped rib:

B-Side cable and ribs

Ahem, having said that I started another lace sock in Yarn Pirate Cicada (Lt pink, spring green and white), a merino-bamboo yarn which is very soft and the color reminds me of spring flowers.

Wonderful Swap package

I received this beautiful swap package last week in a private swap with a Rav friend in Texas:

Wow-Swap Pkg Irunnaked

Everything a girl could want and more - 4 skeins of beautiful yarn, tea, chocolate, and practical jewelry for knitting, and the cutest sheep notion pouch from frabjous fibers. From left to right - a skein of Madeleine Tosh toshyarns in superwash merino - the colorway is Water Lily - a soft pink and green combo (I haven't tried tosh yarns but have heard people rave about this yarn); next my favorite color combination Vera in Lorna's Laces Lion & Lamb (50-50 silk and wool) - pink, olive, brown, and a light tan - very pretty and very soft. Third is a pink laceweight yarn that Jen said is a local yarn. Last but not least, a skein of Mal worsted in Noviembre - love love mal, enough said.

For the chocolate - ritter sport in both alpine milk (another fave) and dark chocolate, which I haven't tried. Tea - a big box of green tea jasmine from Taylors & Harrogate (haven't tried), and a cute travel tin in acai green tea - looks yummy!

From my Kaboodle wishlist, a jasper bead row counter bracelet - here's a close up:

Jasper Row Counter

and a close-up of the sheepie (which is the weirdest thrill - the black line looks at once like the outline of the sheep's head with ears, yet also like the biggest goofiest grin - anyway, I really like it) -
Sheep Notions Bag
it's felted, and the pouch part is all one piece with a slit at the top for the zip and a liner. I have it propped up on my shelf so I can see it from across the room.

Also from my kaboodle list, Jen bought me the Dark Horse CD by Nickelback, which I put in my car cd player right away. I've been listening to it now for a couple of weeks and keep forgetting to bring it in for a pic with the rest of the stuff.

To top it off, a cute card with a knitted scarf - nice touch :)
Thanks Jen for a great swap package (and sorry for the belated post).

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