Thursday, December 25, 2008

A very Merry Christmas!

Today, I had a very merry christmas - I received my BSA Swap Pkg in the mail yesterday and waited until today to unwrap it - my swap partner, yarnpiggy, wrapped everything in lovely pink tissue paper - from the lightest pastel pink, medium pink, to a bright hot pink - all which I love. Yes, pink is still my favorite color.

Here's the before:

and the after:


I was treated to:
- 2 skeins of the lovely and very soft BSA Suri Merino in Dawn (Lt Pink)
- 2 cookie a patterns - thelonious sock and millicent (both on my list)
- yummy chocolate treats - ritter sport milk chocolate; lindt double milk chocolate mini balls (which i've never seen); and "hottie", a dark chocolate chili & cinnamon chocolate bar (also never seen - but can't wait to try) AND my very own chocolate "M"
- 3 pkgs of tea from "The Blue Teapot" in Vancouver - one is honeybush, green rooibos, and green gunpowder - love tea, and will definitely use these both at home and at work
- set of 6 pink and white handmade beaded stitchmarkers (always come in handy)

Love love love this package - and Hilary included a note saying there's another small package to come -I am so spoiled, and thankful. What a great Christmas :)

As for Christmas, I spent the day doing some knitting and reading, calling friends. My mom gave me a lipstick, and a 2009 pocket calendar, and an iou from mom and dad for new luggage, since mine is starting to wear out. My dad made an amazing christmas turkey dinner with all the fixings. The stuffing was really good, and I'm sitting here so stuffed now, and happy.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Knitting warm in this Winter Wonderland

Dec21 Winter
Winter time is definitely here -snow fell early last week and our power went out for an hour or two. I tried out my new windable flashlight and it works well. This week, we were given a short reprieve - no new snow, but definitely icy parts, and parts where the snow had packed down, so it was difficult to drive. I went on a couple of adventures with my car - fish-tailing it back down the hill near my house into oncoming traffic - luckily, noone else was around. The 2nd incident was on a back country road, and traffic stopped and stared as I did my little fish tail dance as a stunned pedestrian looked on - that was on my way to work.

I met with Chris earlier in the week for our Christmas lunch - we went to Little Thai Place (yum!). For the first time ever in a restaurant, I was seated with a heater blowing on me. It was cozy. Normally, I'm next to the fan or the AC. Food was good, and she loved her hat. She gifted me a handmade clove orange, which is literally cloves pushed into an orange. It smells wonderful and is expected to last for years (10 or more), as long as I keep it dry. I hung it up next to my closet, so I can smell it whenever I want.

I finished up the cowl and fetching gloves I'd been working on as Christmas Gifts - quick and easy knits. The Malabrigo is so soft - it's very enjoyable to knit with.

Bijou Cowl -
Bijou Cowl

This past week, with the winter weather - I tested out my new Hushpuppy boots (success!) - they are very toasty. Also, finally wore the handknitted socks from pdx knit in worsted weight artyarns sw merino. They're lovely, and warm. My neck cowl definitely keeps the winds out - and my camel coronet hat keep my head and ears warm. I've dug my german man's scarf out of hiding, and whip that around my head and upper body before putting on my coat. My wool coat which has stood by me year after year is just not warm enough for this below zero weather, but with the scarf, it's holding up fine. My gloves have been sadly lacking, however, though leather, the lining is a synthetic, and my fingers are icy cold.

In the spirit of keeping my arms, hands and fingers warm, I started in on the Gingerbread Dude Silkie Sock yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. It's silk and merino together - to make Evangeline arm warmers. Since it's fingering weight, i have doubled it - the yarn is making a firm yet stretchy fabric, and it is very silky soft.

Gingerbread Evangeline 2

The cable pattern definitely requires some attention - especially because it doesn't have a chart, so it was fine when I was watching tv, and checking each row.
Gingerbread Evangeline Front
Later, when I tried to knit a row here and there, I'd lose my place, and forget to knit the even rows, which are just knitting the stitches as they are (gives the pattern it's height). So, I ripped back, and did a bout of knitting last night while watching a sappy comedic tv movie. I finished 5 repeats. I've started on the thumb, but I think i'll change the pattern to a proper thumb gusset, as I don't like the instructions in the pattern. If I have enough yarn, then, i'l pick up and knit a cap,so I have arm, hand, and finger coverage. In this cold weather, I'll knit just about anything to keep warm!

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