Saturday, October 27, 2012

Oooh Oooh - A Bit of Excitement

(a) I'm finished my Modern Neopolitan Color Affliction aka Color Affection Shawl (#10)

It blocked out waiting for good light to take a picture.

(b) Swatching for Water and Stone - a lovely cabled cardi, with VG Bugga in Dyeing Poison Frog - a beautiful blend of blues and mahogany.

VG Bugga Dyeing Poison Frog

(c) I submitted this photo for  the 5th Monday Customer Photo Inspiration Contest  at Verdant Gryphon - the theme was samhain / Hallowe'en / Celebration of Death Festivities from other cultures - and it won with the most votes (found on google images):

Gryphon translated it into these lovelies:
Eidos: The Morrigan
Bugga: Eye of Newt

  Traveller: Samhain and Mondegreen: Ooh, ooh, windshield woman:

More info here on their blog from October 25, 2012

It's like a love child between Peacock Butterfly and Crimson Dropwing:


All snail photos copyright by Verdant Gryphon.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Silky Leaves shawl/shrug?

Silky Leaves Shawl/Shrug from the front - with the coppery tones up.
Back of Shrug/Shawl
Silky Leaves Shawl with blue at neck edge.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

In progress pics

Codex Leaves Shawl
The codex leaves had started like this:

Codex Leaves Closeup

and ended up in strips. The placement of the strips was puzzling because I'd planned to alternate variegated and solid strips. Unfortunately, it ended up looking like a mish mash of clashing colours overall. So, I experimented with pairing the strips -

Codex Leaves layout 1

Codex Leaves layout 2

Pairing them seemed to be more pleasing.

Codex Leaves layout 3

When I crocheted them together though, they became a little more 3-D, and the crochet being not as flexible meant the strips were not as long. Still need to take a finished pic. Now that the weather's changed, I hope it to be soon, but I don't know when.

Color Affection

Almost done - I'm on the last 2" band, and then, the stretchy bind-off.
The colours are - Chocolate Crinkle (a dark brown, not as dark as I'd hoped), Bisque (brown-based creme, and En Vogue, a dark red-pink):

Plucky Knitter MCN

It's too big to take a great pic on my little table - so here's the top for the colour-

Color Affection top

and the bottom where I've added the En Vogue pink-red colorway

Color Affection Section 3

Color Affection

None of the colours look as dark as they are here, but it's a very pleasing combination in person. Still can't believe that I enjoyed this since it was all garter. Great for knitting in groups and while watching shows.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Silky Leaves done - #9

I finished off crocheting the codex leaf strips together, and put it around my shoulders - it looks awesome..just weaving in ends now, and hope to find my camera so I can get some pics up.

I ended up crocheting every other stitch, or every three stitches to allow for some flexibility of the leaf length; otherwise, it's just too tight, with the silk in addition to the crocheted stitches not providing much give.

Color affliction is still going along - I have about 30 stitches left for short rows - which is about 10 stripes or so...I think this is what I counted last. Because it's short rows and you only pick up 3 stitches each times, it starts to drag..I'm hoping it'll add another 4" in length though, otherwise this will be a pretty skinny long scarf...winding around my head for days.

Hope everyone is having a Happy Thanksgiving.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Good progress: Color Affliction

I'm making good progress on my Color Affliction these days..although I'm doing short rows and adding just 3 stitches each time. I can see why this part drags on. Still have about 3 or 4 repeats of 8 rows, so another chunk. I'm loving the dark pink, chocolate brown and creme colorway combo.

hopefully, pics this weekend.

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