Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shawl Hiatus and Postal insanity

We had a burst of summer weather last weekend and even just yesterday, beautifully sunny on one side of the street, and a big storm cloud moving in from the northwest brought down torrential rain. Victoria weather is just so weird. Still hoping for continued sunny weather above the 60s.

I've been knitting up shawls the past few months in the most satisfying way; but now, I'm stalling. I finally broke into a skein of wollmeise to make "Sweet Jazz" a short-row scarf with eyelets and points. just about bored myself to tears on the short row part. The color is a burgundy-red-plum-purple combo, but the yarn is just not as soft as I've felt or expected. Hopefully, will soften up when I wash if I can get that far.

I also re-started the Matisse Goodale because it's a beautiful bright blue, soft and plain stockinette. Finally joined the raglan shaping and knitting the front now.
I have about 3 or 4 projects at each one "needs attention". Here's the blue

Mal Matisse Blue Swatch

Also on my mind, the frustrating Canada Post situation. I'm one of the few (perhaps) people who still use the post office to mail packages. I had ordered a birthday present for a friend at the beginning of the month and that is stuck somewhere now. Also have some yarn trades stuck somewhere. Hopefully, the government will pass back to work legislation soon. I understand wanting to have a yearly increase that covers cost of living increases, but it is unreasonable imo during an economic downturn. The whole BC government tightened its belt for 2010-2011 0-0 increases, why shouldn't the feds do the same ?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Shaelyn Revisited

The Shaelyn shawl was bound-off too tightly the first time, so it puckered up. so, I unknit the bind-off and re-bound off using the JSSBO bindoff (Jennie's super stretchy bind-off), and re-blocked the points, although I couldn't find my pins.

Sangria Summer Sunset Shaelyn

and front view

Sangria Shaelyn with points front cropped

Pics taken at Mile Zero for Knit in Public Day, June 11, 2011. Gorgeous sunny day which coincided with Beacon Drive-in having their 53rd anniversary.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Brass and Steam

On a shawl kick and whipped up the Brass and Steam shawl which is mostly stockinette with a few eyelet rows in Sanguin Gryphon Bugga Great Purple Hairstreak - a lovely royal blue with bits of royal purple and red-purple mixed in. The skein is 412 yards, and it was getting to be a tedious knit, so I knit 3 sections of stockinette, instead of the 2 recommended and bound off with just 60 yds to spare.

Brass and Steam Back

Pic taken in direct overcast sunlight at Abkhazi Garden June 5; camera setting was on Natural, so the color looks a bit washed out.
Here it is on my bed:

Brass and Steam Full

Started on sleeves of Opulent raglan. It's still looking and feeling wonderful. Still bleeding, but met up with Megan Bartley two weekends ago and during my short stay in Vancouver week before last and she suggested using nailpolish remover to get the red out of my fingernails - go figure - why didn't I think of that ?

Splurged on a skein of yellow - sweet georgia cashluxe fine in saffron for the Gingko Shawl which is in my queue. That could be up next. Guess I just want summer to come. Finally the weather's in the 60s.

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