Thursday, February 15, 2007

Last of 2006 and onto 2007

Phew - 2007 and i'm converted to the new blogger.
I've been sooo busy, but need to get a new camera and get some pics up here.
I finished the branching out lacy scarf in Karabella Boise - a rose pink color.
After that a Louisa Harding Scarf in Louisa Harding's Grace in Red - wool & Silk 50-50. I was surprised at how easy it knit up and how unknitting didn't overly crease the yarn, so it was easy to re-knit where I needed to do so.

The Coral Calmer swatch and yarn was shelved. The Pink violette sweater was tucked away as I decided I would need to re-adjust since the pattern called for DK weight and I had used aran.

Next, I made a bunch of fetching fingerless gloves from Knitty as Christmas Presents.

Last project of 2006-2007 was a star-stitch pattern scarf in Art Yarns Regal Silk - one skein of pink and green made these heavenly little 3-point stars running down the diagonal of the scarf.
It was my "Walking in the Garden" theme project, just barely.

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