Monday, January 06, 2014

Rapunzel progress pics Jan 6

Sleeve Detail:

Body Back:

Front Detail (will not be likely wearing it over another garment..and I expect the yarn to it hopefully won't end up looking so pulled in the middle):

Front (yep, with my stitch markers still attached hah!)

Two more pics - flat in natural light:

and side lacing cable:

Body done; I'm up to the elbow on sleeve 1 of 2.

Mod on sleeve: 
For second size, to accommodate my smaller wrists, I reduced the stockette stitch count to 15st before/after the chart. This makes a snug-er sleeve, and eliminated 2" in the wrist area (compared to the pattern).

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all !

Rapunzel is on its way - body is done, and it fits nicely...this is pre- block. I'm hoping it doesn't grow too much. One the second try with the sleeve. After knitting the chart, and part of the wrist, it was just too big for my hands. I have small wrists, so I had almost 2" extra at the sleeve area and it was too floppy and that was with the chart being relaxed. So, after blocking, it would be way wider. I re-checked the designer's pics and the chart is smooth around her hand with no floppy. so, I ripped back 70-80 rows..and did a re-start and I'm on row 8.

The tip with this is to try on your swatch and use that to figure out how many stitches to use for the cast-on. I ended up with 15 stitches and 15 stitches of stockinette around the 25 stitch chart, instead of 21 and 21 for my size. 12 stitches ends up being 2" according to the gauge swatch.

I'm putting this at 72% done, as 70 seems to be where I usually stall.

The SG bugga is really soft and it's a gorgeous colorway - Strawberry Crab.

I had a wonderful Christmas. It was the first Christmas Dinner where everyone was pleasant, and I received amazing gifts.  New Year's was low key and it's so quiet this morning..the whole world is asleep.

ETA: If you didn't read the sale tab - Verdant Gryphon is having a free shipping sale today until Midnight Eastern time (9pm Pacific) - just enter the code "free" without the quotes into the coupon field with your order.

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