Saturday, February 15, 2014

Starting something new...

I blocked the body of Rapunzel yesterday and need to settle down and count stitches to see if the designer can recalc the sleeve cap. It's a lot of work but will hopefully be worthwhile since the body is so beautiful and the yarn is just scrumptious. Bugga. Strawberry Crab.

In the meanwhile, it had been 2 or so weeks since I'd knit since I was busy with other activities. Although my job is good and stable right now, I feel like I'm in flux in the rest of my life, and it's definitely a transition period. It's 2 weeks in on the Year of the Horse, and it shows.  I'm going through my stuff and getting rid of stuff to my friend Kim for her fundraising efforts ($3K they are trying to raise this year for chicken farming in Cote d'Ivoire)...and still outstanding for me to work through some old grief work, and get rid of emotional and physical baggage. It's been really freeing.

At Christmas time, I let go of some older hobbies - silk painting, some scrapbooking, rubber stamping, confetti I'd collected over the years; also, pared down collectibles, even some old LYS yarn. I'm no longer keeping tins. I also took my tree down which freed up some space.
I also reduced my addi needle collection by destashing to one of the gals in my group. I had collected a lot of odd sizes of needles and shorter ones before using the Magic Loop Method.

February's work is about clearing paper clutter. in a big way. I have moved so many times, and just shoved paper in boxes. It's probably the most expensive paper collection on the planet - old bills, old reference sheets, printed patterns etc. It will have to be sorted, recycled, shredded. My eyes are open now...and I'm loving the space created from being freed up. Mostly what's driving it is that I can't find things when I do need them; so, that makes it easier to let go of them.

I also expect I'll be getting rid of books for the T-C book sale when that rolls around as I am just moving like a lot of people towards e-books. I'm currently reading "Compelling People" which is a very interesting read, and I'm loving getting the latest news and tech. news through Flipboard. It has changed the way I approach and read news. I'm also thinking of finally cancelling my newspaper (I know, it's so old school). In my previous job, I was forced to be extroverted for 90% of my day, and I had no control over my time at work, so I found it was soothing to read at lunch and restore my energies. Now, I'm in a position where I'm using my skills to work more cross-organizationally which suits my abilities and needs, and I have more control over my time.  Way fewer and more productive meetings. I'm much happier in it. It's the one thing I hope will stay constant in the next few months.
People comment to me at the office about how they can hear me laughing, it's pretty amazing.

I also have started wearing more of my sweaters - Larch which was made from SG Bugga Blue Stink Bug. It's pilling a lot, and I've been using the Gleener to reduce the pills (essentially fine sand paper on a handle),

and Audrey which has turned out to be a very flattering sweater. I'm not sure I'm too keen on the arms not being set-in sleeves, but they seem to be ok. Ironically, of the 2 sleeves, the left one is kind of tight which was the instructions I followed from the designer (who probably has different arms than me), and my right arm seems ok (which I adapted from instructions on the web for a top-down sleeve cap). On wednesday, I wore Audrey buttoned up and I had a lot of compliments about it. A friend mentioned that it looks "store bought", so perhaps I've arrived. I joked about it being a luxury cardi cheap chinese labour, since I spent probably 6 weeks knitting it.

The something new is that I decided because I was getting so antsy from only bare minimum knitting at knit night to swatch and cast-on a new project..while I was waiting for Rapunzel to dry and to be motivated to count the stitches etc. I broked into a stashed Sweater Quantity (SQ) of SG Milkweed Beetle. Here is a pic that shows the skeins in natural light (looking very variegated):

Inside, the yarn is very much a teal colorway and so beautiful.

So, progress on that is that I've swatched, and knit the first twisted rib rows. I'm ready to bind-off and pick up for the bottom of the cardi and I'm re-looking at the mods I made the last time. I think I didn't do a lot of decreasing at the waist last time but it's a very comfortable sweater, so I'll have to do a try on and see what's going on. I'd weighed myself in January, and the last time I think had been summer..seems I dropped 10 lbs..but I think it was a bit of stress and running around. 
I feel more energetic these days and I'm generally sleeping better.

The milkweed beetle skeins are all over the map in terms of weight. One skein is 150g, one is 125g, and the other is 130g, so I hope I'll have enough yardage amongst the 3 skeins to do the larch. I do have a fourth skein but it is more green. So, I'll have that as stand-by. Last time, I had to break into the fourth skein for seaming.

I'm also under no illusions this year for any competitive or KAL knitting. The olympics is on right now, but I'm just too busy to try to control that aspect of my life or put myself under more pressure to get things done. It'll happen as it happens, and I'm enjoying the fruits of my labour in a lot of ways these days. I have a lot of SQs and I'll start them as I'm inspired to do so.

Add-in Victoria Film Festival is on right I watched Linsanity last Monday, and caught up on loony tunes at the Jammies and Toons show. Both feel good films.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014


I was kicking along with my Rapunzel quite nicely..I had knit the chart of sleeve 1 then, pulled it out to re knit 2" smaller because I have small wrists. I increased up to the armhole..trying it on, taking into account the fact that the arm stretches out and becomes shorter. Then, forgot that following the instructions for the cap sleeve wouldn't work because I'd mod'd both the arm hole (4 stitches smaller because of the pointy triangles), and the 10 stitches smaller on the sleeve.

So, to console myself, I knit the chart for the 2nd sleeve, and I'm ruminating. Need to block the body, and do measurements. The designer has kindly agreed that I can send her them and she will try to calculate the cap sleeve. It's so beautiful. I hope I can finish this before the end of the Olympics.

January just blew by. Lots of activity, clean up, getting rid of emotional and physical baggage; also, playing with devices, and doing reading. I have read books for a long time - went through the Shades of Grey series (way too sappy and romanticized) but a light read; also Thinking Fast & Slow by Daniel Kahnemann, and now, Compelling People. There is a comment in there about women in HR not wanting to hire attractive women..could explain the number of attractive guys in my office.

Sun is out, but it's very cold here.

I'm in a bit of a knitting funk as my knitting has stalled. hope to pick it up again soon.

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