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News March 2017: 

I'm on a bit of a yarn diet (ahem, ongoing), so I'll pop new sales or freebies on this page when I see them, and mark the tab "Updated". "Last edit" means I've edited out expired options, and no new updates.

***Enabler threads on Ravelry-
DyakCraft group - Heads up Yarn and Pattern sales here -
CPA Swap- check the  Enabler Alerts thread

Online web offerings
The Plucky Knitter - In 2016 - Created a Reserve shop to load yarns not offered through a specific update. Offerings are additionally made through the Plucky Knitter app, email, and also in the Ravelry group.

Pre-orders can sometimes be shipped quickly within a week, or will be shipped 4-6 weeks from order date. Order through the Blog (which changes at update times from a regular blog, to a page that has purchase drop-downs and links).  If you're not checking out as soon as you add yarn to cart, you will most likely get cart-jacked. Yarn offerings typically sell out in the first 10-15 minutes, snatched up by the hordes of yarn buyers. Allow 3 weeks to ship to Canada before contacting them about a delayed shipment. Rare Instant Gratification updates may be offered through the etsy shop. You must be logged in and be able to check out instantaneously to purchase, due to the volume competition on the server during update periods. .
JulieSpins ( - $7 flat rate shipping to Canada. Weekly updates on Mondays posted in the JulieSpins group on

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