News/Sales (Updated: November 24, 2017)

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11/24- patterns on sale on ravelry

Free normally paid:
Snakes and Lattice fingerless gloves - free through midnight sat nov 25th est with code HANDMADE

Other discounted:
Nov.24-Nov.28, 2017 in the Indie design Gift-a-long group on ravelry.
Patterns posted by indie designers are 25% off with code giftalong2017

Black Friday and Cyber Monday - A few important sales 2017: 

(1) Plucky knitter is currently having a multi-hour  Instant Gratification sale (Black Friday only)
11/24 1:30 pm est- they said they'll be back offering more goodies on Cyber Monday.

Black Friday in Reserve (schedule below, EST) in their reserve - more info here on the blog.

Additionally - Free shipping - orders over US$50 for US, and over US$75 for international - you apparently must click the Free shipping button to have this apply.

50% off all Plucky Patterns on ravelry until noon est fri - Add to cart, and then, look at your cart to review the discount before checking out.  Note: If you continue with your cart and browse, ravelry, may not keep the discount on. Some people have been able to checkout a group, others singly.

They may try to combine orders, but no promises; most likely, you will have to meet the minimums due to the lag between order placement on the site; and how they fulfill orders.
(2) JulieSpins etsy shop is having a 25% off Black Friday Sale. Many lovelies here as always.
Sale runs Black Friday through Monday night (27th), EST; or if she runs out first.

(3) Adobe Creative Cloud is taking 20% off ($10.00) their All apps online annual subscription paid monthly - US$39.99 for all Apps through Nov. 24, 2017. There is also a lower price if you are a student or teacher (which looks like standard pricing to me, as it's not in red). All apps + Adobe photo stock is US$69.99, instead of US$79.99. Again, billed monthly for an annual plan.
Sale marked as a Black Friday sale only for November 24, 2017. Front screen says 20% off through December 1st, but second screen doesn't show the December date, so buy early if you want this.

(4) Signature Needles - 10% off needles including cable sets, some other non-needle discounts. They are also giving away a free gift every 10th order. They have also started selling sock-size needles with a different cable (new to me, as I haven't purchased needles for a little while). Specials page.

(5) Eat.sleep.knit is having their regular Black Friday Sale - random discount betweeen 10% and 100%. I've participated only a couple of times in the past. Once I purchased a group and got 10% which was not worthwhile since I'm in Canada. Then went back to get 1-2 more skeins, and got 30%. So, it really is random.

I'm on a bit of a yarn diet (ahem, ongoing), so I'll pop new sales or freebies on this page when I see them, and mark the tab "Updated". "Last edit" means I've edited out expired options, and no new updates.
***Enabler threads on Ravelry-
DyakCraft group - Heads up Yarn and Pattern sales here -
CPA Swap- check the  Enabler Alerts thread

Online web offerings
The Plucky Knitter - In 2016 - Created a Reserve shop to load yarns not offered through a specific update. Offerings are additionally made through the Plucky Knitter app, email, and also in the Ravelry group.

Pre-orders can sometimes be shipped quickly within a week, or will be shipped 4-6 weeks from order date. Order through the Blog (which changes at update times from a regular blog, to a page that has purchase drop-downs and links).  If you're not checking out as soon as you add yarn to cart, you will most likely get cart-jacked. Yarn offerings typically sell out in the first 10-15 minutes, snatched up by the hordes of yarn buyers. Allow 3 weeks to ship to Canada before contacting them about a delayed shipment. Rare Instant Gratification updates may be offered through the etsy shop. You must be logged in and be able to check out instantaneously to purchase, due to the volume competition on the server during update periods. .
JulieSpins ( - $7 flat rate shipping to Canada. Weekly updates on Mondays posted in the JulieSpins group on

black friday

I've updated the sale page with some key sales for Black Friday. I'm not doing a lot of yarn buying these days, so these are the on...