Sunday, October 23, 2011

These's true-

I'm becoming a little fixated on..yarn.

...ok, ok- fixated on a lot of yarn..soft, soft yarn.

It all started with a little Codex. It's a BFL-silk blend from Sanguin Gryphon. Soft and big. I made a shiny soft cape-like shawl. Then..a little MCN..that's right Merino Cashmere Nylon. It'll be the death of me.

Can't eat it; can't pay bills with it, but can wear it if I knit really fast, and I'm not knitting quite fast enough these days.

Mostly ravelry sucks my time..

-and I spend a lot of time thinking about yarn and patterns and planning and plotting what I'd like to make. I've rearranged the top of my queue 4 or 5 times this week alone. Dahlia Cardi is still at the top now that Melissa is ready for our KAL. That one I'm planning to make with a nice soft MCN sport-weight..just haven't swatched yet. The skeins are so pretty and squooshy as skeins.

The Beehive, my lys, just brought in Madtosh Merino light - ooh - Cousteau, Flashdance and Thunderstorm. Now, I'm planning a Clockwork shawl with the latter 2, and a cardi with the Cousteau, since I didn't realize it was a single ply superwash merino. ok, now, i'm talking yarn again. Do you see a pattern here ?

Really, I did try to destash a little..I finally decided to part with some yarns that I had taken some time to acquire, over time. Yarns I'd stalked and found and thought about knitting a few whiles ago. A few yarns where I fell in love..hard..but ended up realizing that the color while pretty was just not me.

Finally blocked the Gingko shawl I finished. As others have said, yes, it's all about blocking the leaves in place. Another project that just wanted to be - the yarn is Hazelknits Entice MCN, yep, another MCN.

At least I knit this one, instead of just admiring and plotting.

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Natalie B said...

ooo can't wait to see the ginko shawl!

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