Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back from Luhvul

Spent last week in Louisville, Kentucky at a work-related conference. That's Luhvul, a sound similar to swallowing while saying, at least that's what it sounded like to me. While everyone I spoke to claimed to speak it the correct way, I mostly heard Luhvul with a long oo sound on the u.

The pin given to me by the local host committee says:


Sunday, I met up with a friend of mine Ann who took me around for a bit of sightseeing, lunch, and a trip to her favorite LYS, Knit Nook:

Knit Nook with Ann

I restrained myself and bought only 1 skein of yarn - an Artyarns Regal Silk in a pink and green colorway. The shop is good sized with shelves of yarn lining the outside walls and plenty of samples hanging up. One of the yarns I had wanted to check out was Raven Frog Yarn, but they didn't have the colorways I was interested in.

Other sights of Louisville:
Downtown Louisville

My hotel - The Galt House
Galt House Hotel

The Humana building, designed by architect Michael Graves:

Humana Building 2

and here:
Humana Building 1

and here:
Humana Building 3

Louisville Slugger Museum and home of the world's largest baseball bat:
Slugger Museum Baseball Bat

Enter the 21C Hotel and Museum on the ground floor and walk by 3 standing columns about 4ft tall, covered with with reused circuit boards; inside, miniature people asleep in their beds. Walk past 2 people taking reservations on phones at a long desk, and a smallish gift shop with high priced chocolate and interesting knick knacks. Two floors of human 21C art adorn the walls, pictures reminiscent of dali and warhol together, a tv showing a barebreasted woman playing in the back room, next to paintings of people with various stages of dress collaged with different textures. Onto the quirky bathrooms - each with one main wall to the hallway which is mirrored on the outside, yet a one-way glass for persons in said bathroom to amuse themselves by viewing the hallway outside.

My 5 mins of Fame - A camera trained on the hallway captures anyone walking by in a lively piece of art with cascading letters:
5 seconds of Fame - 21 C Museum

Back courtyard of the Red Tree, a home furnishings store in the East Market area:
Red Tree Courtyard View

Fourth St. Live and Hard Rock Cafe:
Fourth St. Live, Louisville KY

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