Wednesday, November 25, 2009

B-Side progress

Whew a month's passed, and I've finished the body of the B-side cardigan, and started on the first sleeve. The Mal silky merino is very soft and enjoyable to knit with. After knitting 3" of ribbing, I decided to rip back, and start the sleeve again in the round. Now, it's progressing along well. Tuesday knight I knit 6 repeats of 12 of the sleeve. No new pics as of yet. I did find perfect buttons to go with the cardigan when it's ready for them. Haven't unpacked the buttons I own yet, but hopefully soon.

Took a couple of fun classes last week at Silk Road Tea - one was on making Massage Oils (oooh - a new hobby!) and the second was called Glacial Melts which involved pouring hot tea over ice cream (yum!). Most black and herbal teas brewed strong taste wonderful over vanilla. The Glacial Melts class was held at Roger's Soda Shoppe, which I hadn't been to yet. It was a fun class.

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