Saturday, November 13, 2010

Time change begins anew

Just past time change and it's November already. Back in the saddle after a low dip of life and doing a bunch of recycling of old papers and magazines. Finally went to my small storage unit and had the lock cut off (as I'd misplace the keys), and hauled through some boxes last weekend. Found my denise needle sets and some other treasures - a couple of woven scarves I'd bought at Art in the Pearl...way before I tried weaving myself. Still did not find my square wooden table. I guess I must have given that away at some point or the movers didn't unload it from their truck.

Work is letting up a bit - smoothing over. Still driving towards the end game in December but rolling along and manageable.

For knitting I decided I would try to knit up some of my lovelies. A skein of Swiss Mountain Sea Sock - Superwash Merino, Silk and Seacell, a luscious combination

Swiss Mountain Sea Sock

became a Pogona Shawl - just waiting to be blocked.

Pogona Handmaiden Shawl 1

After finishing, I decided to whip out a quick easy project just for the satisfaction of finishing something. These welted fingerless gloves from Churchmouse Designs were just the project - I call them my Ray of Sunshine Fingerless Gloves because of the way the golden yellow peeks through the blue of the Manos Silky Merino - these gloves are very soft. The patterns makes 3 gloves knit to the knuckle. I knit longer to clover my little pinky. It's quite amazing how many people in my group have larger hands than mine. Still musing about knitting a cap as we march towards christmas and predicted winter weather.

Manos Silky Merino Hank


Ray of Sunshine Fingerless Gloves

Ray of Sunshine Right Mitt

What do think - maybe my color tastes are changing a little ? blues and greens.

To top that, I've started a new project in mostly boring stockinette stitch but with a yarn with a lovely soft hand - Blue Sky Alpacas Suri Merino in Color Snow, an off-white. Not really my color but I think it will be able to wear it with a lot of different clothes. The pattern is the Kelmscott Cardi, which has an interesting lace front, and supposedly reverse stockinette on back and arms. Having knit with this cardi before I don't want to take the chance that the little loops of the reverse stockinette could be pulled so it's regular stockinette for me, and a small adaptation of the pattern - since when do I follow the pattern ?

Ahhhhh...the yarn -
BSA Suri Merino (close)

Detail of the back (which I will adjust before the bind-off, as I want to round it a little

BSA Kelmscott back detail

Notable ufos still on the needles -
-pink bamboo top - stalled for too few stitches at the neck - need to "try it on" to see if I can fudge it, as my count has probably been off awhile
-camelspin ishbel - ripped back to the stockinette section and waiting to be restarted
-Guinevere sheer top - finished the skein of the silk-mohair I was on; now, trying to figure out where I put the rest of the skeins.
-Seeking sunlight socks - still knitting on these. Tried on the sock (mal sock stonechat) and it's lovely just need to finish off the sock and start the second. I had re-knit the cuff about 4 times and just put it aside.

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