Friday, December 10, 2010

60% and growing

60% done and growing - Back finished and waiting, one sleeve done, and started the second sleeve, right front is bound off at the armhole, and working on neck right now.

Right Front Full

Looks a little rough I know, but it hasn't been blocked yet.
A very soft, and I'm loving doing the bobbles - esp. in such a soft flexible yarn.

Work has been busy busy the last month or more and finally coming to a successful end of my project. Still documents to write, but not the same crazy suck the brain out of your head busy I've been for the last few months. There's something to be said for planning.

Otherwise, keeping my hands busy and mind focused with this soft thing.
Turned out a teapot cozy for unknown 6" teapot and hope it'll be ok. If not, I will sneak it back and either use it on my pot, or on my mom's.

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