Tuesday, September 18, 2012

the magical earburn

Today I asked our webadmin at work if he could set up an earburn.
..an earburn to a department head to come read a specific page on our sharepoint site...to respond to a question posed there by our staff.

He kept saying "A what ?! - What's that?!".

ok. seriously, how come noone else knows what that is!

Even after I enlightened him, when I tried to explain, the art of earburning -  I forgot it was a rav-term -being able to call out a particular userid publically, but privately within a closed environment.

Sadly, he could only offer an "alert" - an e-mail with the pasted link to potentially prod the person to go look at the page. It's been a week since the person first posted in the public forum. Seems like a lifetime in an internet world when people connect with each other in a matter of minutes, or less. archaic, really. sad that replying to acknowledge that the person's question was received and is being investigated is put aside to craft the perfect response.

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