Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lovely cables

I'm making progress on my cables, and really loving knitting with this yarn.
The fabric was too loose at the gauge of the pattern, so I went down to a US6, and I need to knit 2 more inches to the underarm, since I have more rows to reach the same distance.

Shoulder cable left side

Shoulder Cables pic2

Blue Water Mahogany Cable

My Eye of Newt Arrived - lovely and more pink than I'd expected:

VG Bugga Eye of Newt Closeup

and I finally seamed my sleeves:

Larch Sleeve cap

The weather's dipping below 50F these days, so I'm digging out my knitted garments. Need to finish adding buttons to my Fall Forest Cardi. I found some lovely metal leaves last month, so these will go well together.

Also, destashing again so I'll put up a page when I've updated all the pics, and adjusted prices for local pickup.

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