Thursday, January 24, 2013

Swatching and new stuff

ok, so I have been busy this month swatching - I've been swatching for 2 projects - Pull me Over which I am knitting with a worsted weight yarn as per the pattern, but which is a BFL-silk blend, so it stretched a lot in blocking, and seems to have sprung back up post-blocking. I had to re-jig the numbers and now I've set it aside to re-calculate and test to make sure.

the second is Pas de Valse which is a wrap-like cardi which I want to make with bugga - but Blue Lobster is the colorway,

SG Blue Lobster sun shade

and I'm wanting to make it with more negative ease so it'll be more flattering.

yes, still on a blue-teal kick.

Last week I went to the new Sizzling Tandoor Restaurant that's opened at Uptown. Super busy for lunch and well worth it to make a reservation. Buffet is $12.00 + tax and really good. I went through twice for a variety of curries, salad, and went back for the rice dessert. They bring naan to the table. Not a huge restaurant considering Uptown has been needing restaurants for awhile...but seats about 40-50 people. Mostly what's in the space is large wood tables and comfy bulky seating. A few booths..and really good food. I haven't been for dinner yet but I expect that will come about soon.
They haven't updated their website - but they also have a location downtown.

Also, Good Earth Coffeehouse opened  - I went down for the free coffee on their grand opening day on Thursday..but haven't been in for the variety of lunch options offered, and also lots of baked goods. I did try the chocolate chunk cookie which was really yummy. They also have good seating, and a few seats along the windows facing Future Shop..also, a few outdoor tables which I imagine will be very popular come summer.

The candy shop at Uptown closed. Not sure when as I haven't been out walking as much..or I'd walk down the new part, and not go in. Also, Shaw is open on the upper deck to the left of the escalator/stairs.

I've also been exploring Pinterest - lots of cool ideas on there and I added a button on the upper left there if you want to see what's fascinating me today.

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