Friday, May 24, 2013

May starts

I'm having a bit of startitis these days..actually more like dreaming about starting. I've been reading and dreaming and imagining a few patterns, and squishing yarn. I started a new project yesterday..Sotherton with a dk weight yarn - traveller. the little swatch I made is very springy and softened up a lot. Not sure about how the variegation on the yarn will the skeins might end up going back if there's too much black popping up in unwanted places....I'm now thinking of a light lacey summer top as well...and debating about a heavier coat thing for the fall with my madtosh birthday yarn.

Also, I finally ripped back the back and two fronts on the Austin Hoodie, as it was really bugging me about the 6 stitches that had gravitated from one front to the other. so, that's sitting in little balls right now taunting me to finish.

The audrey cardigan is sitting as my armhole is shorter..and i'm not happy at all with the short-row sleeve. the body was a super quick knit. Someone asked me if I could make it a vest, but I think the armholes might be too close for this. It's a possible..the lace on the front is lovely. I just don't wear many vests.

I whipped up a quick codex again.. I think that's the trick to keep the momentum is to mixup the gauge if one doesn't work..go bigger and whip out something quick. It took just a few evenings and I was wearing it by yesterday. 

pics to follow.

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