Tuesday, September 17, 2013


The last few weeks have been busy. Fall stuff, and I've been trying to switch my time back to go to bed earlier, and get up earlier. First week, I ended up being short on sleep and getting a cold. coughing, sneezing, runny nose, then, congestion. A colleague thought I might be having allergies..then, the following week, I was breathing regularly again.

I'm also busy at work..and trying to keep up with knitting projects.
I did a blanket square for a lady in one of my online rav groups who passed recently. We weren't close, but her absence shook up the group quite a bit, and she seemed to be a really nice lady, generous with her time and love.

Also, I'm continuing on with Lavaliere, in a lovely pink. I was doing some swatching with a merino-silk mixture but put on hold to do a recalc of numbers, since i'm not keen on the bottom up approach for the pullover and using a different yarn and gauge from the pattern (heh, as usual, for those who know me). Trying the yarn diet thing again..we'll see how that goes. I could put some money away.

Also, stretching myself by taking a class, and we had a special educational day at work where the whole company was involved. It was nice to participate and not worry about "leaving" my work for a day. We had a reorg in summer and we're feeling the effects of it now. Though everyone seemed happy to put that aside for a day.

I'm also doing some organizing at home, letting go of some things, and I re-organized a section..I'm also wanting to revisit the sewing thing. I have fabric washed, ready to iron, and projects earmarked.

I've been twice now to Avenue Fabric Studio on Oak Bay Avenue. They are importing some heavier linen fabrics in some lovely patterns. The shop owner is quite nice, knowledgeable and helpful.  I might take some courses here.

Drama. reading about the goth socks fiasco. Lovely striped yarns started 5 years ago..and the owner had some private troubles which spilled over to her company life. now, they're way behind in club orders and are slowly trying to fulfill. seems weird that the dyakcraft fans were able to hold out patience and not file any complaints even though their order were more than 3x overdue than the gs. made to order and dye to order, there's a big hole there where people can advance money 4-6-8 weeks in advance and not seeing anything for months. pretty amazing.

and lots of endings..the end of Burn Notice, last season of Dexter, a few shows not returning.
still hoping for a few sunny days between now and October.

For sales - the Malabrigo group is running a KAL and there's discounts there, and The Plucky Knitter group has some pattern sales with their KAL Plucktember.

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