Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Woven scarf is done - yay!

The woven scarf is done..Ta Da!

Even though I warped it up on the 20th, the majority of the weaving was done the last couple of days. I'm guesstimating 7 hours of weaving with the overshot technique. I now thoroughly understand how it works..you need a 2nd shuttle doing an alternating tabby after every row of weft so that if there are multiple rows stacked up one after the other, they stay there instead of pulling back out.
Here it is in the sun today pre-block:

Still have to do the hemming, which I wish I'd done while the scarf was still one the loom. I was so excited when the warp hit the back of the heddles, that I just cut the scarf off the loom, and now, I have to do the hemstitching on the end, so I can block it. This might have to wait until I can get a clear picture how to do it to match the nice stitching that Kathy made on the other end of the scarf.
It looks gorgeous - hope I did not beat too close so that the yarn has a chance to plump in the right places. This is one scarf that I wish I'd done blocking of the sample before I continued.

I discovered that I tend to make stupid mistakes like dipping the shuttle down and under threads instead of through the open shed when I'm tired or hungry. yuck. lots of twisting and untwisting going on. I think it took me about 45mins to do each pattern repeat. Since the tie-up was the spaces, I really should have been putting the pattern sheet on my loom upside down so I could see the pattern as I was weaving it in the right direction. Now, I understand why the previous owners numbered the pedals 1 to 4 from right to left, to match the shading of the squares when the pattern is upside down. It actually made it a lot easier to weave from, rather than numbers, since I'm visual, and much easier than trying to put the pattern on a post next to the loom.
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Natalie B said...

That is GORGEOUS!!

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