Wednesday, September 23, 2015


9/23 update - my sale page just got deleted, after being buggy..i'll come back in the next couple of days to try to restore it. in the meanwhile, carol fellers on ravlery has 6 patterns on sale with code plucktober2015 - see the plucky knitters group - plucktober retail/updates thread.

The Harvest moon cardi is very very slow going. I misread the collar, potentially poor instructions, and then, knit about 3" of the body and realized I hadn't been paying too  much attention to the edging. The designer has the instruction for right side / wrong side split across 2 rows, indicating right side edge and left side edge instructions separately - silly and way more complicated than it should be..also boring stockinette so it's not getting much attention lately.

The video was posted for a friend. It's longer than expected, and I tried to do a re-do last week thurs/friday to do a shorter one. Figured out a better camera angle, more close-up; problem is my computer might be getting a bit low on memory because just trying to add single slides to the movie - it ends up crashing. I've put it aside for now.

exploring free time and various hobbies at the moment. I discovered Zen Tangles on the weekend, which are like little doodles in ink, and think I might explore those if I can find my micron pens. It's annoying to have put some things into storage so they are essentially unavailable when you need them.

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