Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

I had a great Christmas and my recipients enjoyed my newly woven scarves very much. I just made two - the rest I've kept as lessons, or they're waiting for new homes.

One was for my mom - a simple two-colour scarf in Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk in Peacock (Teal) and Black. One edge was black, teal, black, and the other teal, black teal so she could have either colour as the edging on the outside. Although she initially wasn't as fond of it as another I'd picked for her - an Alpaca-Acrylic combo I'd picked up at a local Craft show, she thinks she'll end up using the one I wove as it's softer, and lighter. Yay!

Mom's Teal Scarf 1

Mom's Teal Woven Scarf pic 2

The second was one I'd woven for a friend, Marilyn. She had gifted me a big bag of cotton yarn on Christmas eve, and I offered to weave her a scarf, with a keyhole so she could loop the scarf around and tuck it in. Turns out, the scarf was a big hit. It was combination of blues - dark, light, teal, and purple with various fibers - her cotton and also angora in a navy, and a blue-purple variegated from louisa harding, also the matching LH ribbon in blue-purple, and a thin teal silk ribbon I'd had from years ago. Add a touch of copper from the Drops vicose, and a bit of copper metallic. It was a hit, and it looked great on her. The photo doesn't do it justice - looks like my camera was having an off day-

Marilyn's Keyhole 2

I just may make a few more keyholes for fun.

Just before Christmas I renewed the loom again until the end of January. This is getting to be a bit addictive, I'd say, but still fun. I did take one small knitting detour just after Christmas. Due to the Beehive's Inventory Sale- I sprung for some possum yarn (60% merino; 40% possum) - I tell you - you have no idea how long I've been literally yearning for possum yarn - years. Way back a couple of years, one of my friends from guild showed me a beautiful blue hat she'd felted. It was made of possum. At the time, Cherry Tree Hill had just discontinued their possum yarns, and most recently, they had been merino with superwash wool. Since hers had been felted, I was curious to find the possum yarn again with the non-superwash wool. I sprung for 2 skeins of the 01 Natural, as they had a ribbed scarf on display and it was very soft. I am half way through another coronet hat, just decreasing at the crown, and hope to have this baby in the wash soon so I can try it out.

Other than the Rimu Possum yarn, I also picked some Handmaiden - casbah, a favorite and also a skein of the sea mountain sock, which is superwash sock and seacell together. Should be fun. Perhaps sock, perhaps a woven scarf, we'll see.

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