Thursday, March 04, 2010

Wonderful Malabrigo Swap 9 Pkg

Today, I picked up my Malabrigo Swap 9 Pkg from the Post Office.
I have been so spoiled from the moment I opened the box, and saw all the pink tissue paper(yes, I still am in love with pink!)

Here's the beautiful "before":Wow - Malswap9 Wrapped
There were 8 (count ‘em 8!) packages to unwrap (lucky me)!

and the oh so amazing “after”:
Wow-Malswap 9 Package

In detail:

Kara gave me the book from my wishlist - “Knitting in the Sun”-
Goodies - Yum!
and lots of yummy goodies from Trader Joe’s - chocolate covered sunflower seeds, luna bars in chocolate peppermint (I am so in heaven right now), dried pears (thank you thank you) and chili spiced mango (I love this stuff).
Also, Haribo Gummi Bears - yum- these are so good -

I didn’t think it could get better, but I kept opening…
Next, needles and notions from my wishlist - thank you thank you
Knit Picks US 4 and US7 Harmony Tips, and US 24” cable set-
Webs wood interchangeables - US 3 with cable; it has a very interesting join, I tried screwing them together and they seem very secure, can’t wait to try them out.
and Clover Locking Stitch Markers (which I can always use, and I use tons - in fact, my knit night ladies always rib me about how many I use - no pun intended)

Needles and Notions

Next an unassuming plain brown box with this beautiful Shawl pin inside from Nicholas and Felice

Nicholas and Felice Shawl Pin

and last but not least - 3 gorgeous skeins of Mal Worsted in Tuareg
(sorry, the picture doesn’t do it justice - my camera just can’t take blues, and struggles with reds)

Mal Worsted Tuareg pic 2

The second amazing thing about these skeins is that they match well with the 1/2 knit cable hat I made from mal and ran out of yarn for - so I can finish this off too. Here’s the pic:

Tuareg matched

oh, and the little flecks are the irridescent specs coming off the beautiful hot pink tissue paper which is like a mini celebration in and of itself. :)

It feels like Christmas and a very grand Birthday rolled in one.

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Natalie B said...

wow, nice stuff!

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