Monday, March 01, 2010

Fantastic Finish

A Fantastic finish to the 2010 Olympics - I caught the overtime game Canada vs. US and saw the gold winning goal - fantastic...and a humorous end to the closing ceremonies.

Here's the photo of the Shapely Symmetry Sheath from last post - finished finally - started 2007 before I moved from Portland and finished in the wips dancing event of the Ravelympics 2010 on Ravelry.

Shapely Sheath Front

Shapely Sheath <br />Back

Next, I finished the BSA Alpaca Cardi. Knit primarily in 2008 Winter and Spring. I stopped short of adding i-cord on the front, and sewing in the zipper. It's Suri Merino, actually. Turns out, it wasn't difficult, just took careful placement of pins. Here's the cardi -open:

Alpaca Cardi Fini Open

and closed:

Alpaca Cardi Fini Closed

I added attached i-cord, which allowed the front of the cardi to collaps with a nice finished edge, then, hand-sewed the zipper in.

Finished the lacy scarf - entered in 3 events - laceluge, speedskate for 1 skein projects, and the superg scarf events:

Waterfall Scarf Pic3

Ta Da - Medals:

LaceLuge Scarf_superg SingleSkeinSpeedSkate
and started another woven - with blue, brown, and a variegated yarn Mochi Plus that has pink, red, brown, and blue together.

Blues Beginning 1

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