Tuesday, January 25, 2011

3 weeks in...

Jumped in with both feet to 12 in 2011 - so far, a bit of a bumpy ride. What do you think of my well-intended yarn diet, claim diet, and being on a budget? sound good ? Yes, so far, so good. I found a new WM friend and introduced her to knit night and we did a trade. so, I'm ok on that front. As for the knitting part, it's a bit challenging so far, since I can't seem to make "easy-looking" projects easily.

I started the Watershed Cardi in a lovely teal silk-merino from my stash. Gorgeous.
Can't knit the 8-line lace chart worth a darn. This after having done 60 rows of lace, on 2 fronts. unbelievable. I'm making my own pattern, and adjusting the one I have (ahem, pretty usual for me, most of the time).

I started looking at the rest of my 12 in 2011 - next up is Silk Garden T. Actually made of bamboo and designed with 0 to negative ease. Challenging to pick a size, as I don't want to knit and have to re-knit if it doesn't fit. Lots of people going down a size beyond their bust. The difference in sizes is 4". Beautiful graphics on the pattern - definitey inspiring and look easy, we'll see. I'm thinking bsa alpaca silk, so looks like I'll have to Swatch!

Also looked at a cardi set I've been eyeing for awhile - thinking of making the one in Sensual knits by Connie Chang Chinchio. Unfortunately, this book has a lot of errata, so I went to look at it again, and the pureknits link is dead. Luckily, one of the rav editors has re-posted the link, so I was able to compare the corrections with the chart, and I see (thankfully) that there are pieces of the lace which are obviously missing and just need to be drawn in. So, that project might be back on the plan.

Might just go back to kelmscott to finish that - have the back done, sleeves, done, and left and right fronts waiting to be zipped back 2" each to re-do the decrease at the neck while I bind off for the sleeve.

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