Saturday, July 07, 2012

The Levenwick is off the needles....

I finally finished the button band on the Levenwick, and blocked it last weekend:

Bitterroot Levenwick blocking

and I've pinned Larch, but not seamed yet.

Meanwhile, new projects are beckoning...
I started one long-term one - 

(a) a Sylvan Blanket which is made with leaf strips dovetailed together.

Codex Leaves Delirium

The yarn is SG Codex in Delirium. Here is a pic of the original skeins:

SG Delirium Codex

Two leaves measures 9" long, and 3" wide.     

I have about 26 strips to make, each with a guesstimated 16 leaves, and using ~48g of yarn.

So far at knit night, I knit 6 leaves, so I have 8 total.
Needle Size: US 7

and hopefully, a short-term one - 

(b) a Summery Lacewing top. Intended to be using corn yarn, but I'm adapting the yarn, the gauge, and hoping I can adjust the decreases to the waist, and increases.

Here's the start -

Lacewing Border pic2

US 6 for the border cast-on and for the body.
My gauge 24st/32 R, targeting the 38.5" for 36".

and the yarn:

Crimson Dropwing cake

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Jen said...

All your projects look lovely!

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