Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Come back spring!

Whew - weird weather we've been having...It was just beautiful Sunday, Monday this week, then, yesterday morning, I was scraping my windshield. Luckily, it warmed up in the afternoon.

I can't believe it's been a month since I put Rapunzel aside. I have made some measurements but need to get back to the designer's instructions to make sure I got them all. I have almost lost my knitting mojo..except that yarns still call to me to make lovely things.

My yarn buying is definitely slowing down though..thankfully. Although one can never have too much yarn, I think I'm heading towards SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy)..well, maybe more like SANLE, with the N being for near. I imagine I'll be knitting into retirement years, and I don't have that much yarn.

I am still clearing stuff at home. My work is doing a mini book sale as a precursor to the T-C book sale that occurs in April-May timeframe. I brought 3 grocery bags full to work of books for donation, and fundraising. Destashed a bunch of older Interweave mags last week, and culled my needles the month before. Will go through again before my birthday to see if there's more yarn to destash. I have been getting rid of the lys yarn to Kim to sell. For a lot of things, I'm just closing my eyes, and putting it in the boxes for Kim. There's a lot I can't access right away, so that's an indicator of what I really use. I finally got rid of boxes of photo paper as I long since retired the hp printer that uses the photo paper. I'm not printing as much these days anyway.

Everything Old will be closing soon (see her blog here), and will be taking a last custom order following Fibres West. It's nice to have a dyer in the group, and I think there will be another one starting again, so there will be possibilities for more yarn (heh, which I definitely do not need).

Larch II is continuing but boring stockinette. I am about half way on the stockinette rows before I am decreasing. I need 36 to match my other Larch. It looks beautiful. Will have to take a better pic. I too a couple photos on my ipad and they turned out great - much more accurate once the photo was loaded to iphoto than on the screen, as there is no light meter. I have an older model, so there's no adjustments. I will have to check out if Yarma is available for ipad.

For ebooks, I read the "first phone call from heaven" by mitch albom..I would say skip this if you are thinking about it..not as good as his "five people you meet in heaven" book. Feels like I got ripped off, actually. I don't like feeling like a manipulated reader. I am mid-way through the biography on Steve Jobs. It's interesting to read the historical parts. Compelling People was a good read, and I also read "The Night Circus" which was a fascinating-couldn't-put-it-down read.


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