Saturday, May 02, 2009

Fabulous Belated Birthday Swap Gift Package (Wollmeise + more)

I Received a wonderful birthday swap package from ekieh, from the Birthday Swap 2009 on Ravelry:-

Here is the before, wrapped in lovely pink and purple mulberry silk wrap:
Birthday Swap 09 (wrapped)

and the after:
Birthday Swap 09

First off - this gorgeous skein of wollmeise Fluffy in Dornroeschen, a lovely red-pink combo:
Wollmeise Dornroeschen Front
which I so love love love - thank you Heike!
This is 80% superwash merino; and 20% PA (polyester/nylon? not sure) - anyway, so, so gorgeous - and Heike said she stalked the website for one whole day, so it's amazing she was able to get it.

She also treated me to her favorite yarn Tausandschoen Yarn in colour Spring Fever which is pink, purple, and white:
Tausandschoen Spring Fever (side2)

Also, Heike treated me to many lovely and yummy treats which I remember and miss from Germany:
Birthday Swap 09 Treats

-Pkg of Milka Tender (chocolate covered yummy cake rolls with cream)
-Pkg of Lindt chocolate eggs filled with strawberry-rhubarb yogurt filling (I hadn’t seen this flavour but looks yummy)
-4 Uberaschungsei (Kinder surprise eggs)
-Pkg of Hachez milk chocolates
-Pkg of Yummy-smelling Red Pepper tea - Rooibos tea with lots of additions (apple pieces, orange peel, ginger pieces, basil, red pepper, coconut pieces, cardamon, black pepper, catnip, strawberry pieces and chili)

Also, for my eyes and heart:
-Pkg of red heart-shaped candles with glass beads
-Lovely pink and red floral napkins
-Post-it notepad - "Make socks not war"
Birthday Swap 09 Pic 2

and she had sent earlier in the month - Lily by Marnie MacClean, from Twist Collective.

Thanks so much Heike - I love the package - you’ve definitely spoiled me this birthday!

I say belated because we share a birthday April 6th, and even though we both sent our packages to each other on the same day - the Monday before our birthday; my package arrived in just 5 days in Germany (quoted as a week), and her package to me arrived April 28th (and she was also quoted a week). Most likely, the Easter holiday in both Germany and Canada disrupted delivery. Thankfully, it arrived, and it was well worth the wait.


yarnpiggy said...

Ooooh...happy belated birthday indeed! What a great package. :-)

Heike said...

I'm so glad you love that package.

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