Monday, April 13, 2009

Finished 1 sock...

It's amazing that it took the better part of a month to knit one my friend Deb said, "It's more like 2 socks...2 of 4 socks". So, there. I've knit 2 of 4 socks. She says this because it took 1 skein of Yarn Pirate Merino-Tencel 400yds to make one heavily cabled sock. The colorway is icicle - a light blue, white, and a slate blue-gray combo that beautifully shows off the celtic cable on the upper leg. I made a few mods from the pattern. Rhiannon, a Cookie A sock. I knit regular cables on the turn-down cuff, made the body of the sock about 2" shorter than the intended pattern, knit a partridge eye heel (rather than a plain stockinette), and skipped the purl row at the toe. It's turned out wonderfully, and it feels good on my foot...and, I finished with just 8.5 yds leftover.

Onto the 2nd skein. The yarn is so slippery, I wound it on my yarnball winder, and I'm knitting from the outside because the inside pull-ball already came out in a clump, and I stuffed it back in. Just started on the rib of the cuff. I'm excited to start sock 3 of 4. I can say that, can't I ? since it's the 2nd skein.

Pics to follow.

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