Monday, February 01, 2010

Ravelympics 2010

It's official. I'm apparently the captain of our Team Bitchybees for Ravelympics 2010. Only 11 days away, and I haven't picked projects yet. I'm still happily weaving and playing with yarns. Still knitting the same cardi from November - the b-side. I'm on the second sleeve. That should be one I should plan on finishing, but we'll see.

I'm usually an ambitious knitter, and end up spending my time on a mix of activities.
This year, Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day weekend, and Ravelympics (and the Olympics) all fall on the same weekend. Add to that, my mom's birthday on the 12th, and there's a tea festival in Victoria on the weekend. It adds up to not as many days as planned to get knitting done.

Some of the projects I'm interested in include - thrummed mittens, simple hats made of malabrigo, and probably some weaving. We'll see.

I moved some more yarns to destash (trying to be brutal here)...a move to become lighter in the new year.

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pressly said...

Hey, Let me know if you decide to use any Zealana for your ravelympics projects... I'll do some cross posting in our zealana group! Just send me a PM to my ravelry account? Thewoolwideweb

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